‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Farrah Abraham Returns – Janelle Shanks and Nicole Ramos Deal With Unfinished Business

Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal that Farrah Abraham, Janelle Shanks and Nicole Ramos are back! These singles were eliminated from the house for different reasons. However, their reason for returning is the same. Farrah, Janelle and Nicole all have some unfinished business. Farah has some unresolved issues with exes who eliminated her. Janelle wonders if her ex still has feelings for her. Nicole wants to find out if her new love feels the same way she does about each other.

Ex On The Beach Spoilers: Farrah Abraham Happy With Elimination

Farrah Abraham did not spend a long time in the Ex On The Beach house. She found herself in many fights with every one. Including her ex Simon Saran. Simon was eliminated shortly after his arrival. Due to Farrah’s request to the others. The house had enough of Farrah Abraham after she kicked Nurys Mateo. The first chance the exes had to eliminate someone they voted Farrah out.

Ex On The Beach spoilers show that Farrah Abraham is returning to the house. Farrah was asked how she felt about being the only single to be voted out by exes. She “actually felt great” about it. However, she knows that a certain lady in the house is not going to be happy about her return. Farrah claims that she doesn’t even remember this person’s name.

Janelle Shanks Questions Ex’s Behavior

Janelle Shanks had a dramatic exit on Ex On The Beach. She was asked to leave the house after getting into an altercation with her ex, Darian Vandermark. However, Janelle left the house on good terms with her ex. So Janelle thought. The moment Janelle left the house, Darian spent more time getting closer to other ladies in the house.

Ex On The Beach spoilers indicate that Janelle Shanks wants to know if Darian has been behaving while she was gone. Janelle questions if his feelings towards her are still the same. She wonders if he feels the same way as he did when she left. Will Janelle Shanks be mad if she finds out that Darian was talking to other girls?

Nicole Ramos Feelings Progressed Fast For Chad Johnson

Nicole Ramos has been on an emotional rollercoaster with Chad Johnson. The Ex On The Beach couple became close fairly quick. However, the vibe between Nicole and Chad changed just as quick. Chad’s ex Maddie Sullivan is the one to blame. Nicole and Maddie got into a heated argument. Ultimately, leading Nicole Ramos to get physical with production. She then left the house and never came back. Until now.

Ex On The Beach spoilers explain that Nicole Ramos still has feelings for Chad Johnson. She says “I know where my heart is at.” However, she questions if his heart still feels the same towards her. Nicole admits that her feelings for Chad have progressed quickly. She didn’t expect to love someone so fast. Nicole will be happy to know that Maddie is no longer in the house.

Will Farrah Abraham be able to get along with everyone? Will Janelle Shanks give her ex another chance and will Nicole Ramos be able to continue her relationship with her new love? Find out on the season finale of Ex On The Beach on MTV.

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