‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Farrah Abraham Shares Tips on Dealing with Former Flame

Ex On The Beach Season 2 cast member Farrah Abraham offered some interesting advice to fans ahead of the MTV premiere. Fans will witness another round of drama between the former Teen Mom and her ex, Simon Saran. The love hopefuls hit the beach thinking they’re there to find love. Instead, they’re welcomed by their exes and chaos ensues, tears, and screaming.

Ex On The Beach: Farrah Abraham Offers Advice on Instagram

Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram to share advice with fans ahead of the Ex On The Beach Season two premiere. Abraham and Saran have had a very public (and at times volatile) history with one another. When things were good, the pair was quite a force on social media, attacking all the haters and naysayers. When things were bad, they spit that same vitriol at one another.

Farrah’s Ex: Simon Saran

In a twist of irony, Farrah Abraham’s post offers advice on how to deal with exes ahead of the Ex On The Beach new season premiere. Did Farrah take her own advice when dealing with Simon Saran while filming? The fact that she’s back on MTV after how things ended with her being axed from Teen Mom is one thing.

The fact that she’s back on MTV with Simon Saran is an entirely different beast. Having the pair on TV yet again is sure to bring drama – and boost ratings.

Ex Teen Mom says “BLOCK YOUR EX”

Farrah’s number one tip ahead of Ex On The Beach is to “BLOCK YOUR EX”. There’s no mention of filming a TV show and spending time on a beach with them, though. The reality star consistently promotes anything she’s in and any business venture she’s part of. Does she see the irony in offering advice about dealing with your ex while promoting this new show?

For all fans know, this could be another savvy promotional tactic on her part.  If so, she’s definitely taking advantage of it. Meanwhile, as far as Simon Saran goes, things have been interesting for him since breaking it off with Farrah Abraham in 2017. His Instagram feed is filled with Farrah Abraham doppelgängers. He clearly has a type. At some point after his breakup with Farrah, he was dating Ashley Hannawacker.

A fan recently commented on one of Saran’s Instagram posts, saying that he broke up with Ashley over deciding to “do another MTV reality TV show with horse face.” If this conjecture is true, Saran chose to take part in Ex On The Beach even though it cost him his relationship.


Ex On The Beach Season 2 Premiere on MTV December 20

Ex On The Beach tricks singles looking for love into taking part in the show. They think they’re there to meet other singletons and find love. But then MTV springs their exes on them when they hit the sand. The second season of the MTV show brings together reality stars from a number of different franchises.

While viewers won’t know what goes down until they tune in, the premise alone is guaranteed to cultivate chaos. It certainly won’t be a fabulous beach getaway for these singles. Catch the season premiere of Ex On The Beach Thursday, December 20 at 8 PM only on MTV.

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