‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Chad Johnson Cuts Ties With Ex – Fans Want Maddie Sullivan Gone

Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal that Chad Johnson cuts ties with his ex-girlfriend Maddie Sullivan. With Nicole Ramos and her ex-boyfriend Nate Sestok gone, Maddie feels like she is next on the chopping block. She fears that her time in the house may be coming to an end.

Fans are not happy that Chad Johnson didn’t get rid of his ex-girlfriend last week. Instead Nate kicked is out of the house. Fans want Maddie Sullivan to leave the house this week. Stating that she is evil and mean. Will fans get their wish and see Maddie get the boot from the Ex On The Beach house?

Ex On The Beach Spoilers: Chad Johnson “Unfollows” Ex-Girlfriend On Social Media

It seemed like Chad’s time in the house was going to be a breeze. He had a good thing going with Nicole Ramos. Until his ex-girlfriend showed up and ruined everything. Maddie Sullivan caused a lot of friction in Chad’s relationship with Nicole. Maddie fueled an argument between her and Nicole. Leading Nicole to get physical with a security guard. Therefore, The Challenge veteran got kicked out. With Nicole Ramos out of the house Chad Johnson focused on getting Nate out next.

Ex On The Beach spoilers show Chad Johnson tells Maddie Sullivan that he is going to have to vote her out next. Chad tells her that he “can’t look at her anymore.” Chad relates the situation to social media. Therefore, he explains that if he was on Instagram he would have to unfollow her.

Maddie Sullivan Annoyed With Chad

Ex On The Beach star Maddie Sullivan is aware that with Nate out of the house she is next on The Bachelorette contestant’s eviction list. However, she wants to stay in the house. She is annoyed at how Chad is treating her. She thought that with Nicole out of the house, her and Chad Johnson could focus on their relationship.

Ex On The Beach spoilers indicate that Maddie fears that she will be sent packing. She doesn’t want to leave. She states that “it would be very interesting to see how Chad Johnson reacts”. In regards to Nicole no longer being there. This is her chance to see if there is anything there between her and Chad. Maddie expresses that she wants to see if they can rekindle what they had.

Ex On The Beach Fans Hope Maddie Is Cut

Fans of Ex On The Beach don’t show much love to Maddie Sullivan on social media. Viewers don’t like how she acts. They were sad to see Nicole leave because of Chad Johnson’s ex. Some fans expressed that that they would rather watch Nicole Ramos than someone like Maddie. One viewer writes that they hope she “is never back on any show.” Safe to say she joins Farrah Abraham on the list of least liked people on the show.

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Ex On The Beach followers express on social media that they want Maddie to be cut next. One viewer states that Chad Johnson should’ve got rid of her last week. Another fan jokes about the amount of salad she eats. The viewer writes “not to mention how much of Jozea’s salad she is shoveling into her mouth.” Joking that Jozea Flores would want her out too.

Find out if Maddie Sullivan is cut on a new episode of Ex On The Beach on MTV.

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