‘Ex On The Beach’: Adore Delano Reveals Best and Worst Case Scenarios Ahead Of Season Premiere

Ex On The Beach star Adore Delano (AKA Danny) shared the best and worst-case scenarios of being on the show. Adore may be a top notch drag queen. But, finding love isn’t one of Adore’s talents. Luckily this show is all about finding love. Adore will get the chance to either give an ex a second chance or find new love with another roommate. See what happens for the American Idol and RuPaul’s Drag Race alum on this season of Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love starting December 5 at 9 pm only on MTV.

Ex On The Beach: Adore Delano Back On Another Show

Adore Delano is no stranger when it comes to competition shows. Adore appeared on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race. A competition show to find America’s best drag superstar. The drag star also appeared on the singing competition show, America Idol. And made it to the top sixteen on that reality round-up.

The Ex On The Beach newcomer’s set to appear on the new season coming soon of Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love. There, Adore Delano will be living in a house with other celebs. But, Adore will also be faced with exes and given the chance to rekindle old relationships or start fresh by getting to know the other castmates on Ex On The Beach.

Drag Star Hopes To Find Love

In a sneak peek of the new season of Ex on The Beach: Peak Of Love, Adore Delano shared that the best-case scenario would be falling in love. Adore admitted that finding love is hard. Because, when someone starts to show interest, the drag queen “just kind of pushes them away”. But, the RuPaul star’s also aiming to NOT do anything embarrassing.

The Ex On The Beach cast member also revealed the worst thing that can happen while being on the show. Adore Delano wants to stay away from any fights. The American Idol contestant said that it is not ideal to get into any fights. Adore laughed about being on probation and doesn’t want to go back to jail because of a fight. But, this is a reality television show there will most likely be yelling, screaming and fighting on Ex On The Beach.

MTV Reality Star Deals With Past Relationships on Ex On The Beach

While on the show, Adore Delano must face past relationships and see if any exes are worth giving another chance. According to the cast list, it seems Adore faces two exes. The relationship between the RuPaul celeb and Jakk Maddox fizzled out due to busy work schedules. Jakk is hoping that being in the house together will give them another chance.

The Ex On The Beach celeb’s second ex is Trenton Clark. Trenton started off as one of Adore Delano’s many fans. He showed up to a drag performance with a gift. Then, that led to a long-distance relationship that didn’t seem to end well. After feeling like Trenton was being ignored, their relationship ended.

But you never know what can happen on the sands of the MTV show. So, be sure to watch all the drama starting tonight.

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