‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson Get Into Explosive Fight During Reunion – Fans Sad For Couple

Ex On The Beach spoilers show Nicole Romas and Chad Johnson getting in an explosive fight during the reunion. The couple expressed their love for each other at the last Crush Ceremony. Fans were happy to see Nicole and Chad leave the show together and happy. However, it seems like the couple are no longer together. Ex On The Beach fans see Chad and Nicole scream at each other during the reunion and they are surprised. Could this be the end of Nicole Ramos and Chaddy Daddy?

Ex On The Beach Spoilers: Nicole Ramos Feelings Changed

Nicole Ramos joined the show in hopes to find new love. From the very beginning she had her eyes set on Chad Johnson. However, her relationship with The Bachelorette bad boy hit a rough patch when his ex-girlfriend showed up. Maddie Sullivan came between the new couple. Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal The Challenge veteran is definitely taking the opportunity at the reunion to let Chad know how she feels.

Ex On The Beach spoilers indicate that Nicole Romas’s feelings toward Chad Johnson have changed. She has had time to think and process her feelings for him. Now she is letting her Chaddy Daddy know just how she feels. By the tone of her voice, there is definitely no more romantic feelings between the two.

Chad Johnson Yells Back

Chad Johnson felt like his time in the Ex On The Beach house was going to be a breeze. He was there to have fun and meet new potential lovers. When The Bachelorette alum’s ex showed up it changed everything. However, at the finale Chad took the chance to let Nicole Ramos know just how much she means to him. It seemed like The Bachelorette alum and The Challenge alum were going to have their happily ever after ending.

Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal that Chad and Nicole Ramos are no longer together. At least that is what it looks like. The Challenge veteran is seen screaming at Chad and he is yelling back. The look on his face is very angry. It is a pretty intense confrontation between them. The situation gets worse and the other house guests have to step in to separate the two.


Fans Express Sadness Over Breakup

Throughout the Ex On The Beach season many fans cheered on Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson. They even made it known that they also wanted Maddie to get eliminated. Fans were happy when the singles eliminated Maddie. Now The Bachelorette bad boy was able to focus on his relationship with Nicole. Fans were also happy to see The Challenge veteran at the final ceremony. However, no one saw this breakup coming.

Ex On The Beach followers show their sadness for the couple on social media. One fan wrote that the couple “were so cute on the Final Crush Ceremony, this breaks my heart.” Another fan wrote “my heart broke when I saw Nicole and Chad go at each other.” The fan favorite couple is breaking fan’s hearts everywhere!

Watch the drama go down on the reunion show on MTV.

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