‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Morgan Gets Lie Detector Test – Jay Wants Johnny Bananas Truth

Ex On The Beach spoilers indicate Morgan Willett is hooked up to a lie detector machine. Because Jay Starrett wants to know the truth about Morgan cheating on him with Johnny Bananas Devenanzio. At the Final Crush Ceremony, Morgan gave Jay a crush necklace. It seemed like the couple were going to give their relationship another chance.

However, that all changed when it came to light that Morgan (allegedly) cheated on Jay Starrett. So, Jay is looking for answers on the reunion show. But did Morgan Willett cheat on Jay with Johnny Bananas or is it just loose talk on the MTV show?

Ex On The Beach Spoilers: Morgan Willett Reveals Truth

Morgan Willett was stuck in a house with three of her exes on the MTV show. However, she rekindled her relationship with just one of her exes, Jay Starrett. Morgan and Jay did go through a rough patch in their relationship. However, they left the house on good terms. They even decided to get back together after the show ended. Although, that did not last long after the show wrapped.

Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal that Morgan Willett has something she wants to clarify with Jay Starrett. During the reunion show, Morgan was hooked up to a lie detector device. However, she starts to unhook herself and addresses the situation. She says “let me speak first”. Then, she decides to be honest. By the reaction of the audience, whatever she reveals it is shocking. So, the Johnny Bananas cheating may be confirmed.

Jay Starrett Seeks The Truth About Johnny Bananas Cheating

Jay Starrett starts to speculate that Morgan Willett cheated on him after the show ended. He believes she was unfaithful with The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas. Now, Jay wants the truth on the reunion episode about what really went down. He wants Morgan to come clean and insists she take a lie detector test.

Ex On The Beach spoilers show Jay Starrett is ready to hear what really happened. However, he doesn’t like that Morgan Willett only comes clean when the lie detector test was about to expose her. Jay says “Oh, now we are going to be honest”. After Morgan tries to dodge the question, Jay demands to know if she slept with Johnny Bananas.

Johnny Bananas – Star Of The Reunion

The Ex On The Beach cast didn’t actually include MTV star Johnny Bananas. However, Johnny does have ties with a few cast members. Johnny hooked up with Angela Bobicz while she was dating Tor’i Brooks. Now, Johnny allegedly hooked up with Morgan Willett – while she was dating Jay.

With so much Johnny talk on the show, he should’ve just been a part of the cast. Johnny Bananas acknowledges his new-found fame on social media. He writes “when you’re the star of the reunion for a show you were never even on”. Fans joked about MTV giving Johnny a pay check since he was mentioned so much on the show.

Another fan said they should change the name of the MTV series to “Bananas On The Beach.” Part one of the reunion was explosive. So, don’t miss part two this week.

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