‘Doc Martin’: Louisa Endures Martin’s Baby Making Tactics in New Episode

Doc Martin rolls out a new episode with Louisa Glasson Ellingham (Caroline Catz) trading the ambiance of romance for a more scientific way to conceive a baby this week. Doc Martin, or Doctor Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes), continues with a new episode every Monday.

This week’s episode, “Equilibrium” makes 71 episodes available for viewing at the click of your remote control. Doc Martin has several different storylines going on within the new episode starting with Martin and Louisa Ellingham. The couple is ready for their second child but conceiving a baby requires the help of a fertility clinic.

Doc Martin: Test Tubes Instead of Candles for Martin Ellingham and Louisa Ellingham

It appears Doc Martin continues on a course that causes less friction for those around him. It seems hints of a kinder Doctor Ellingham surface. When Martin and Louisa visit the fertility clinic, she seems uncomfortable.

This isn’t the candlelit bedroom she planned for conceiving baby number two. Instead it’s samples and test tubes. While Louisa appears uneasy, her physician husband feels right at home with all the medical jargon talk.

When the doctor asks Louisa for her ovulation chart, it’s Martin who took charge of that and he hands it over to the fertility specialist. He’s handling their future pregnancy like it’s a medical case it seems both Louisa and the specialist pick up on this.

Back in Portwenn, Morwenna Newcross (Jessica Ransom) shines. She’s now a qualified first responder. When a woman goes into labor at the shore this week, she gets there before Doc Martin and takes charge of the situation.

Morwenna receives one big surprise out of this from Doc Martin. Once the baby is born and it’s clear everything turned out fine, he pays his long-time receptionist a complement. He tells her she did a good job. This is not something you’d expect for Doc Martin.

Portwenn’s GP isn’t known for dishing out praise. Doc Martin calls it as he sees it. He usually doesn’t take the time to filter the harshness of his word before he delivers them. So it often sounds as if he’s doling out insults. But it seems something is slowly changing for Martin who’s actually delivering some kinder lines these days.

Doc Martin: Portwenn - Port Isaac

New Friend, New Baby, and Morwenna Newcross Shines

Veteran followers of Doc Martin will be happy to see that it looks like PC Joe Penhale (John Marquez) finally found a friend. Joe Penhale finds his old schoolmate Nathan Fowler (James Lance) running a surf shop when he answers a vandalism call.

The small village of Portwenn, which is really the small fishing village of Port Isaac, doesn’t offer Joe too many friends. Sure, people like him but he’s different. He tends to cling on to anyone who shows him the least bit of attention. But this new guy Nathan seems to welcome Joe’s comradery.

Nathan seems a bit immature but genuinely nice. It’s evident he remembers Joe and he appears pleased to see him. Joe starts surf lessons with him just as the guy’s wife “Mags” goes into labor.

The baby is close to delivery so everyone comes to the beach surf shop to help with the birth. Morwenna arrives first but Doc Martin isn’t far behind. Portwenn’s GP is with Louisa on his way back from their first fertility clinic visit.

A baby girl is born and the joy seen on the face of Louisa Ellingham seems to take the place of the facial grimaces she left behind at the fertility specialist.

But out of all of this,  it looks like Joe Penhale might have a new friend on the Doc Martin show. Of course, that’s if they bring this surfer couple back on future episodes.

Doc Martin: Martin Clunes - Lousia Ellingham - Caroline Catz

Doc Martin: Bert Large Cornered – Al Large Jumps Ship

Meanwhile back at the village pub, the Crab and Lobster, the new owner is giving Bert Large (Ian McNeice) a run for his money. Caitlin Morgan (Angela Curran) is determined to snag Bert Large as a husband. So she puts Al Large (Joe Absolom) to work at her grocery store. This leaves her alone with Bert to run the pub.

At first Al protests, after all, he is the pub manager. But he slowly starts to like it and is in no hurry to get back to the pub. It looks like he’s figured out a way to make more money for the grocery business. So he gets a cut of what he earns for this new venture. Besides, this gig gets him away from his dad, who is always over his shoulder.

Louisa Ellingham sees her first client, a young girl with anger issues. Since this is her first client, she is overseen by her psychology professor. The professor stops the counseling session abruptly.

It seems Louisa gets more out of this girl in five minutes than he has since first treating her. So it looks as if this is a bit of embarrassment for her professor. This might be why he cuts this session short. Or it could be he’s feeling uncomfortable with pain. As soon as Louisa gets out her last word, the guy starts screaming in pain.

Luckily there’s a medical doc in the house, so Lousia grabs Doctor Ellingham, who takes care of his excruciating back pain. But Louisa really looked professional and it appears she got through to the girl. So from where Doc Martin fans sit, it looks like Louisa found her calling.

Doctor Ellingham Treats A Few Odd Cases

Once again Doc Martin handles some odd medical cases. The board that oversees British TV shows won’t let a show air a made-up medical case.

In order for the show Doc Martin to treat a character, the actor’s illness, accident, or disorder has to be pulled from a real-life scenario. So what you see on Doc Martin by way of medical issues, really happened at one time or another somewhere in the world.

This week Doc Martin treats one very stinky young man by injecting Botox under his arms. His profuse sweating is extremely offensive and Doc Martin fixes that with Botox. Doctor Ellingham also devotes some time to the benefits of vitamin B and offers a fix for sciatica.

You can watch Doc Martin streaming Thursdays at 5 EST US/Canada on Acorn TV.

Right now Acorn offers 71 Doc Martin episodes at the ready for you to watch anytime day or night. A new episode adds to the lineup every Monday.

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