‘Doc Martin’: Martin Clunes Bitter-Sweet News – Back for Season 10

Doc Martin celeb Martin Clunes might not have a bedside manner but he’s certainly popular as fans anxiously wait for Season 10. Yes, the big city surgeon turned country GP is back with his family in Port Wenn. But along with this good news, some sad news emerges for fans.

While reports indicate Martin Clunes and his cast are set to start production of Doc Martin season 10, it’s also the final season. It seems the slated start date for production rolls out sometime in the new year.

Doc Martin: Almost Two Decades for Martin Clunes

Dr. Ellingham, which Doc Martin prefers to be called on the show, graced the screen since 2004. But surprisingly over the almost two decades of episodes, they’ve only filmed nine seasons.

As most television series produce a new season each year, the same can’t be said for Doc Martin. Instead, the show seems to average a new season every two years.

Doc Martin is played by Martin Clunes and his wife Philippa Braithwaite is a producer for the show. So, it’s a family affair for the star. It looks like the star, his wife, along with the cast and crew will head back to the Cornish village of Port Isaac in 2021.

For the sake of filming Doc Martin, Port Isaac is transformed into the fictitious village of Port Wenn. While once a quiet seaside village, this British series made Port Isaac a must-see destination for tourists. Most likely the gorgeous scenery displayed in this series unintentionally acts as publicity for this area.

The Much-Loved Cast

Caroline Catz plays the role of Louisa Ellingham, Doc Martin’s wife. She’s also the mom of their preschool son. Or at least James Henry Ellingham was preschool age when the last season came to a close. Only time will tell how much the show ages the lad for the next and final season.

It’s also a family affair when it comes to the role of doctors on the show. Dr. Martin Ellingham and his aunt, Dr. Ruth both are medical practitioners in the Doc Martin series.

Dame Eileen Atkins plays the role of Martin Ellington’s Aunt Ruth. She plays a psychiatrist on the show. It also seems she’s the only living blood-relative that Martin cares to associate with from the storyline of this series.

Doc Martin: Martin Clunes - Caroline Catz

Outside the Family…

Bert Large plays Ian McNeice. He is a Jack of all trades but also a Port Wenn businessman. Joe Absolom plays Al Large, Bert’s. son. But the son seems to step into the role of a parent to his father more often than not.

John Marquezacist does a bang-up job in the role of PC Joe Penhale. While he plays the only town police officer, he’s not the most efficient crime fighter.

Jessica Ransom is at the helm of the doctor’s office front desk as Morwenna Newcross the receptionist. She’s basically the gatekeeper for who gets to see the grumpy doc.

Last but certainly not least is the very colorful Mrs. Tishel, played by Selina Cadell. She runs a tight ship as Port Wenns one and only pharmacist. It seems the show Doc Martin changed Port Isaac. It’s now a big tourist destination. In the video below, the locals give thanks for the popular show.

Doc Martin – Good News – Bad News

A long hiatus left fans with nothing but binge-watching the fan-favorite doctor via reruns on Acorn TV. But today fans are ecstatic to hear Doc Martin will return. Acorn TV will offer a Season 10 and it seems the new season lurks just around the corner.

Reports indicate the cameras start filming in 2021. That’s the good news for the fans. But the bad news – the next season is Season 10 but it will also be the last season of this popular British series.

With the grumpy doc going off the air, there’s so much to address in the new and last season. Will Martin ever get over his fear of blood? As the last season rolled to a close, Louisa just informed Martin she’s pregnant with their second child. Martin tells her that he’s no longer a physician. Only time will tell where the final season leads the good doctor.

Doc Martin episodes are available on Acorn TV in the US. Make Soap Dirt your first stop for the latest updates on the blood-phobic doctor,.