‘Doc Martin’: Where to Watch All 72 Episodes – Now Available

Doc Martin‘s Doctor Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) took a backseat to Buddy the Dog on this latest episode available on Acorn TV. The latest Doc Martin episode was added to the Acorn lineup on Monday.

This brings the number of episodes to 72, now at the ready to watch with just a click of the remote.  This latest episode titled, “Single White Bevy”, is the latest episode from Season 9 of this British hit show. But it’s Buddy the dog that steals the Doc Martin screen on episode 7.

Louisa Glasson Ellingham (Caroline Catz) worries over Buddy the dog’s behavior. This starts out early in this new Doc Martin episode. The dog starts to whimper and acts very lethargic. Finally, Doc Martin brings the dog to the vet.

Doc Martin: Dr. Ellingham Behind the Scalpel

The vet, Angela Sims (Caroline Quentin) is also a patient of Doctor Martin Ellingham. He saw her recently for an infection but apparently he didn’t diagnose that infection correctly.

When Doc Martin shows up at Angela’s front door holding Buddy, she can hardly see. Apparently she’s suffering from cat scratch fever. But she failed to tell Doctor Ellingham she was scratched by one of her furry patients. So the doc didn’t catch it.

Her eyesight is just about gone, which is a temporary symptom that goes away once treated, Doc Martin tells her. But Buddy can’t wait. A stick punctured his abdomen and a piece is still inside of him, causing an infection.

To save the dog’s life Doc Martin needs to do the surgery on the dog, but his blood phobia makes him extremely uncomfortable. It looks like there’s no choice as the vet tells him that he either does the surgery or Buddy the dog dies. So Doctor Ellingham gets through it with minimal stomach upheaval.

Doc Martin: Dr Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) - Dodger (Buddy)

Comedy of Errors In This Fan-Favorite Episode

Doctor Ellingham also offers up some rather entertaining facial grimaces. This happens as the temporarily blinded vet knocks things over, breaks things and even falls due to the blindness.

When all is done, Doc Martin makes sure Angela has a ride to the hospital and he takes off with a recuperating Buddy for home. When he gets there he thinks it’s Louisa at the sink cutting up vegetables for dinner.

But it’s not, this woman only dresses like his wife. It’s Louisa’s first client as a mental health counselor standing at the counter. She dresses just like the doc’s wife from her hairdo to her clothes before she breaks into the house to make dinner.

Doc Martin: Another Louisa Ellingham?

She thinks Louisa is a great help to her so cooking dinner is a thank-you to her new counselor. But Doc Martin startles the girl who drops the knife and stabs her foot.

As Martin orders her not to remove it, the look-alike Louisa pulls out the knife and blood gushes all over. Then the good doctor is down for the count, he fainted. The chaos going on has Buddy the dog reacting to all of this. The four-legged star steals the show.

In next week’s previews, it looks like Martin finally realizes his blood phobia is serious. He needs to assist in surgery in order to keep his job as the town’s PC physician. But it looks like his blood phobia puts up a roadblock. With all this facing him, it looks like he finally agrees to get help.

You can watch Doc Martin on Hulu but it only offers seasons one through five. Acorn gives you all the seasons of this popular British show.

The series streams every Thursday at 5 pm ET in the U.S. and Canada on Acorn TV

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