‘Doc Martin’: Louisa Hands Over Cold Fish – Hints Warming Trend for Couple?

Doc Martin star Doctor Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) appears to start a bit of a warming trend with wife Louisa Glasson Ellingham (Caroline Catz) and others within the village of Portwenn. He also seems to need all the help he can get from anyone who considers themselves a friend of Doc Martin in the next episode.

On the next episode, he learns the prognosis for his practice isn’t looking too stellar these days. While he’s known as the doctor without much of a bedside manner, this village doctor is brilliant. So as the seasons go by and Doc Martin saves more lives, the lack of a bedside manner becomes a tradeoff with patients who learn to trust and depend on his skills.

Doc Martin: On His Way Out of His Portwenn Practice?

On this Monday’s episode of, Dr Ellingham is still shadowed by another doctor. This physician will ultimately make a recommendation on whether Doc Martin should be removed from his practice or not. This is the second doctor to trail Martin Ellingham, the first was a female physician who was shocked by wires and toted off in an ambulance.

Despite his insistence on being called Doctor Ellingham, the villagers call him Doc Martin. But that’s the least of his worries as he’s a doctor with a blood phobia. The mere sight of it gives him the dry heaves. If too much blood is present, he vomits. Still, as uncomfortable this may be for this once top London surgeon, it doesn’t get in the way of treatment.

The blood phobia caused the good doc to leave his thriving surgical practice. Instead of surgery, Doc Martin becomes a GP (general practitioner) in the small fishing village called Portwenn. But Port Isaac is the actual name of the village used for the setting of this show.

While he can’t do surgery anymore due to his reaction to blood, he can treat the everyday ailments of the villagers. But Martin Ellingham is still able to treat patients successfully even when the bloodiest of events surface. While you might not expect too much gore out of the little village of Portwenn, bloody scenes do emerge. So this season on Doc Martin, the GP for this village is under scrutiny for his phobia of blood.

Louisa Glasson Ellingham Ups Romance For Another Baby

Another baby for the doc and Louisa Glasson Ellingham is in the cards. Or at least the doctor and his wife hope this is the case. But romance is not one of the doctor’s strong suits. So while Louisa Ellingham lights candles in the bedroom hoping to conceive another child naturally, Doc Martin has other ideas.

He’s at the ready with a thermometer to monitor Louisa’s temperature. His scientific approach looks for the optimal moment of conception. Louisa doesn’t find this at all romantic.

After a test determined Louisa might have a fertility issue, they agreed to see a specialist. Last week Dr Martin Ellingham took the initiative of seeking out a specialist. Even though he’s a medical professional, that’s a big move for this physician in his role as a husband.

When he informs Louisa Ellingham of the appointment he made, she appeared happy. It seems this confirmed Martin’s sincerity about having another baby for Louisa Glasson Ellingham.

So Doc Martin seemed to soften a bit and in turn, so did Louisa. While having one of their kitchen arguments over the preparation of the food, Louisa did something out of the norm for her.

Doc Martin stood over her shoulder and suggested the fish she prepared was a bit messy. Then Louisa Ellingham did the unexpected and relinquished the fish to her husband so he could prepare it his way for dinner.

Ordinarily, she would stand her ground and cook that fish anyway she saw fit. But it looks like something slowly changed in this couple’s dynamics for the better.

Apparently the fish wasn’t salvageable in Martin’s opinion because he asked his wife for a spare fish. It seems she did happen to have one in the fridge and obliged by handing one over.

Doc Martin: Portwenn

Doc Martin: Wow, Mrs Tishell?

On this coming Monday’s new episode a hint of Martin Ellingham’s softer approach to things in life also emerges at the pharmacy. Sally Tishell (Selina Cadell) gives a piece of her mind to the doctor monitoring Doc Martin. She goes to town defending Dr Ellingham in the previews.

Ordinarily, Doc Martin dismisses or ignores Mrs Tishell, whose crush on Martin Ellingham spans many seasons of this show. It appears Martin welcomes her backlash aimed at this other doctor this time around. While nothing is said, it’s all seen in the facial expressions of both Doc Martin, the other doctor, as well as Mrs Tishell. So it looks like a warming trend might be on the way to Portwenn for Dr Ellingham.

How To Watch Doc Martin?

While Doc Martin is a British show and it airs on the ITV channel across the pond, Americans love it as well. Fans of the blood phobic Martin Ellingham can watch this show on Acorn TV. Every Monday a new episode from this latest season is available to watch. Acorn has the newest episodes of Doc Martin. While Hulu also airs the show as well, they only offer season 1-5 of this British entertainment gem.

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