‘Doc Martin’: Martin No Longer a Doctor – Will Show End or is Season 10 on the Way?

Doc Martin stars Martin Clunes as Doctor Ellingham, which is a popular show that now has fans worried after recent chatter that it’s ending. But there’s no reason to fret, as Martin Clunes suggests not just one, but a few new seasons of the British show is in the future. It seems Doc Martin now plans to roll out a new season every two years.

But that’s really nothing new when it comes to the lapse of time between Doc Martin seasons. The show first debuted in 2004. With Season 9 still posting new episodes, the show already seems to average a new season every two years.

Doc Martin: Moving at Fast Clip

The Doc Martin episode released this week on Thursday is number 8 from Season 9. Since Season 9 is made up of 8 episodes, there are still three new episodes to come in this season.

Every Thursday Doc Martin rolls out a new episode on Acorn TV at 5 pm. This channel offers all nine seasons of the show from the UK. Hulu also offers the series, but they only have Season 1 through Season 5 in their line-up.

This season of Doc Martin seems to move along at a very fast pace. Two major storylines emerged this week. Both left Doctor Ellingham bombarded by his future. First of all, Doctor Ellingham failed the test given by the board. At the end of this latest episode, he tells Louisa Glasson Ellingham (Caroline Catz) that he’s no longer a doctor.

Louisa also offers up news to Martin – she’s pregnant. Sure, fans knew Doc Martin and Louisa were seeing a fertility specialist but this came out of nowhere. Louisa got pregnant just after their consultation with the specialist. While Martin does say it’s bad timing he looks Louisa in the eyes and tells her he loves her.

Doc Martin: Portwenn - Port Isaac


Dr. Martin Ellingham No Longer a Doctor – Now What?

It seems the man Doc Martin considers his mentor and one great physician isn’t such a good person after all. He fails Doctor Ellingham on his test even after Doc Martin took over in the middle of his mentor’s surgery. He had no choice after his mentor botched it and the patient was in peril of dying.

The mentor’s eyesight is going and there’s no fix for it. But he continues to perform surgery even though his vision is impaired.

While Martin saved the woman’s life, he displayed a slight dry-heave-type reaction when first seeing the blood. This is why he failed the surgery part of the test rendering the doc no longer a doctor.

This mentor never took into consideration how Doc Martin saved the patient’s life. No, and as Portwenn’s physician said, the blood phobia doesn’t get in the way of his work. When the doctor sees blood, he’s uncomfortable. But it’s never interfered with his work.

Doc Martin: Baby On the Way, Doctor Shingle Pulled, and Son a Genius

Doc Martin told Louisa he’s no longer a physician. She instantly tells him she’s pregnant. This rather quick conversation took place at a wedding. In this week’s episode, Morwenna Newcross (Jessica Ransom) and Al Large (Joe Absolom) became husband and wife. Well, almost.

They had the wedding but because they couldn’t find anyone to officiate the ceremony at such short notice, Portwenn’s constable stepped in.  PC Joe Penhale (John Marquez) reads them their vows, but the must go to the registry and do it over again to make it legal. But their wedding played out. Doc Martin made it just in time to walk Morwenna down the aisle.

Also next week it looks like Louisa needs to contend with James Henry Ellington (Elliott Blake) as a little genius. When Ruth Ellingham (Eileen Atkins) spends some time with her great-nephew, she’s amazed at this intellectual level. She lets Louisa know that she’s raising a little genius. Lousia worries James will end up socially inept like his father Doc Martin. Ruth assures her James Henry has the love of two parents, something Doc Martin never had.

So, you can see why the show will have more seasons in the works. He has so much to cover. A second child, facing the world without a license to practice medicine and a son who turns out to be a genius. There’s plenty to cover and many stories to spin. So the Doc Martin will come back for as long as Martin Clunes brings him back.

The Doc Martin series streams every Thursday at 5 pm ET in the U.S. and Canada on Acorn TV. After that, it’s available any time you want to click in and watch.

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