‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Meets Up with Special Lady – Parents Approve?

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar said she loves road trips, and she recently went on one to meet up with a very special lady. She and her brother, Jason Duggar, met up with Laura DeMasie in Waco, Texas.

Counting: Jana Duggar Enjoys Her Four Favorite Things

Jana Duggar from Counting On said she got to enjoy her four favorite things recently. Those four things were road trips, sunshine, coffee, and the brand Magnolia. In fact, she loves Chip and Joanna Gaines and likely gets a lot of inspiration from them.

Counting On star Jana didn’t say anything about meeting up with Laura DeMaise in Texas. She also didn’t mention anything about Jason being there. But Jason Duggar let the cat out of the bag that Laura was there with them.

Fans of Counting On wonder if her parents approved of the getaway. Jana has gone against some of their major rules in the past, and fans think she’s finding her own way. It’s unclear if her parents knew Laura DeMaise would be there or not.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jana Enjoys Some Time Away from Home

Counting viewers said it was good to see Jana Duggar out doing something fun. She takes care of most of the things around the house. So, getting away and not having to deal with childcare and cleaning the house seems like a nice break for her.

Jana doesn’t complain about taking care of everything. And some Counting On fans even think she likes being the one to put together events and take care of the house. But other viewers wonder what Michelle Duggar’s role is in everything if Jana takes care of everything else.

Jana Duggar of Counting On admitted she did want to find someone to court, but so far, there’s no news about it. At this point, everyone pretty much thinks she is ready to stay at home for a long time. Whatever the case, fans were glad to see her in her element in a design lover’s paradise.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jason Duggar - Laura DeMasie

Counting On: Building a New Business

On the last season of Counting On, Jana Duggar said she wanted to start a design and décor business. And fans think she might have gone to Texas to get some inspiration. Some viewers think TLC might have gone with her to tape the fun.

Counting On viewers can’t wait to see the new season of the show. And to figure out if Jana followed through with her plans of starting her new business. The last she said was that she was working with her brother on some design work with their house flipping business. But she didn’t say if she had anything else in the works.

Viewers said they would be glad to support Jana’s new business if she put it out there.

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