‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Gets Props for Fit Bod – Breaks Family Rules

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar is attracting some major attention. The biggest thing people noticed about a recent photo wasn’t the beach in the background. But it was the fitness of her arms. Fans flocked to the comments to applaud her.

Counting On: Where Are You, Jana Duggar?

Fans of Counting On are loving the newest photo of Jana Duggar. Some people commented that it must be a pool at one of the Duggar homes. But it’s definitely not in Arkansas. It looks like somewhere tropical or at least beachy. And of course, you can tell there is a beach behind her.

One of the best guesses might be that she’s out in Los Angeles hanging out with her sister, Jinger Duggar. Jinger, her husband Jeremy Vuolo, and their daughter Felicity all live in LA now. And it’s not unlikely that Jana would go out to see them. Recently fans saw photos of Jinger of Counting On and Jana shopping on Rodeo Drive when the show was filming before COVID-19.

Maybe she decided that she didn’t get a full dose of the west coast the last time she was out there.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Is Jana Traveling Without a Chaperone?

When Jana Duggar from the show Counting On is traveling with a chaperone, there are usually photos of her with them. The last time we saw Jana on the beach, she was with her Dad, Jim Bob Duggar. And let’s not forget about their girl’s trip to Las Vegas together.

Jana and her friends went to Vegas and her father tagged along for the ride. Of course, a 30-year-old woman needs someone to watch her while she hangs out with her friends. Why wouldn’t they?

Viewers of Counting On think Jana flew the coop and went somewhere without the family matriarch or patriarch. Going to see her sister would even be a little more than what the family is okay with. There would be all of the time alone at the airport, the car ride to the residence. Simply too much time for a lady to get into trouble.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: Will We See More Acts of Independence?

The fact that Jana Duggar even has a social media presence is a big deal. Most of the time, the only way a Duggar is going to get to go public online is when they start courting. Or some even have to wait until they marry to come online.

Maybe it is that Jana runs most of the household for Michelle Duggar of Counting On. And they are trying to keep her from wanting to move out and take care of her own house. Whatever it is, Jana is one of the few that got to do this but we are seeing some of the other kids come online before courting and marriage.

Are the Duggar parents going soft? Maybe they need to do something to keep people watching Counting On that airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

We’ve got more Counting On. Stay tuned to Soap Dirt.