‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Hits the Skies with Special Girl

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar recently had a fun time with one of her all-time favorite girls. They went up in an airplane, and TLC fans said it was adorable to see them together.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Flies High

Jana Duggar of Counting On said she recently got to have fun with her niece Gracie Duggar. Gracie is John David Duggar and wife Abbie Duggar’s baby, and possibly Jana’s favorite niece. Jana is John David’s twin, so it makes sense that there is such a bond.

Counting On star Jana said that she learned a lesson from little Gracie. She said that Gracie Duggar taught her not to walk when you should fly. She went on to thank her brother, John David Duggar, and his wife Abbie for a great afternoon.

Carlin Bates told Jana that she and Gracie looked so cute and told her that she missed them both. Other Counting On fans said it’s great to see Jana Duggar looking so happy. And that Gracie Duggar’s cheeks were so cute and squishy.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jana Keeping a Low Profile

Counting On celebrity Jana Duggar hasn’t been out in the public too much. Some fans wonder if producers are getting a new season of the show ready. And hope there are some big announcements coming when it does come out.

Some viewers wonder if the quietness means she might be in a relationship. But other Counting On viewers said they should stop trying to marry off Jana. And that she looks like she is perfectly happy being on her own.

In fact, Jana seems to be keeping busy and even has a new business. This is a little strange for Duggar girls, but Counting On viewers are glad that she is doing something good for her. At 30 years old, fans think she should be able to have a business if she wants to have one.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Counting On: New Biz Ventures

Viewers of Counting On wondered what happened to Jana’s desire to have a business. On the show, she said she wanted to do some interior decorating, but that was all anyone heard about it. But it seems like Jana Duggar still has some ambitions in the arena of commerce.

She calls herself a “home remodeler” and has been working with her brother. She has a good eye for where things should go and how to make a home look beautiful. But she also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Counting On watchers said they hope Jana is able to continue doing what she loves. And they said that they are glad she has some money of her own coming in besides what her parents might give her.

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