‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Admits Fear

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar recently said that she does have fear, but she pushes through it. Fans of the TLC said that they aren’t sure they could be as brave as Jana, but others said she inspired them to do more.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Makes Her Own Path

Despite much Counting On fan input, Jana Duggar cut her own path in the world. At 30 years old, many viewers say Jana should live on her own and do something for herself. Even though this might be “normal” for people of her age, she chooses to stay at home with her parents.

Many viewers point to the “Quiverful” movement and stay-at-home daughters. If that is a fact, Jana adopted the belief and remained home to help take care of her siblings. Even if that is the case, Jana finds ways to live life on her own terms.

On the Counting On show, Jana Duggar announced she started an interior design and products company. And not long ago, she said she was working with her brother, James Duggar, working on homes. She also said that it was her dream job and that she was happy.

Counting On: Jedidah Duggar - Jana Duggar

Jana Flies High in the Sky

Jana Duggar of Counting On took a photo and video of herself up in the sky with her brothers Jedidah Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar. Fans asked if everyone in the family could fly airplanes. Jana said that not only is Jeremiah Duggar a pilot, but so are John-David Duggar, Josiah Duggar, and Austin Forsyth.

Watchers of Counting On asked if there were any Duggars afraid of flying. Jana said that she is scared of flying sometimes. But she flies anyway, and it looks like she has a good time with her brothers.

Whatever the case, Counting On viewers say they are glad she is able to see the world from above the clouds. Other people said they are too afraid to fly in tiny planes like that. But mostly, people are supportive and cheer on her bravery.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jedidiah Duggar - Jeremiah Duggar

Counting On: Deciding the Next Chapter

Fans of Counting On wonder what Jana will do next. The last thing she said was that she started her own interior design business. But it seems like things are changing now that she works with her bro, James.

Some believe that the pandemic might have put Jana Duggar’s plans on hold. Many people don’t want people coming into their homes for any reason—not even interior design. The COVID-19 put a hitch in many people’s plans, but they hope the Counting On celeb has a plan to stay on track.

For right now, it seems like Jana Duggar will continue to work with her brother on home projects.

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