‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Secret Talent Exposed

Counting On star Jana Duggar had one of her hidden talents revealed by her sister, Jessa Duggar Seewald. She has been open about her talent for gardening and interior design. But, now, fans are getting to know more about the oldest Duggar daughter. In a clip, viewers see Jana showing off another one of her many different talents.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Starts Home Decor Endeavor

Jana Duggar steps into unfamiliar territory and taking a different path in life than some of her siblings. The Counting On castmate still isn’t married, even though she’s 30 years old, and most of her sisters have already tied the knot. Jana has said that she does want to find a husband.

But, she seems to be making the most of her single years. The Counting On reality star has been spending her time working on an exciting business venture. Over the years, viewers have seen Jana Duggar decorate numerous rooms and show off her design skills.

And, now she is putting her hobby to work by starting her own home decoration business. Jana will be selling decorations for the home and other decor items. According to her parents, she is the first daughter in the Counting On family to start their own business.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jana Shows off Latest Addition to Garden

Jana Duggar still lives in the Duggar family home. She doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave anytime soon. During an episode of Counting On, the family built the oldest daughter a greenhouse. Since then, Jana has been putting it to good use to grow different foods.

The family loves to see what she is growing, especially when they’re eating what she grows. Counting On’s Jana Duggar has been showing off her green thumb. She previously revealed that the new addition to her greenhouse is pineapples. Jana has a few pineapples growing.

She has even been sharing her progress with Counting On fans, and she seems proud of them. She told fans that the fruit takes a while to develop. But, she couldn’t wait to give her pineapples a try. She even had a member of the family give them a taste.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jessa Seewald Reveals Counting on Celeb’s Secret Talent

Jana Duggar is a lady of many skills. Two of her skills include gardening and decorating. But, there is more to her than fans know.  According to her sibling, Jessa, her sister is the most “diversely talented individual” she knows. She also said that there is nothing her older sister can’t do.

And, thanks to Jessa, TLC viewers recently found out one of Jana’s hidden skills. The Counting On cast member had one of her talents exposed by Jessa Seewald. Jessa shared a video of Jana Duggar from earlier this year playing an instrument.

Many of the Duggars can play an instrument, and Jana is no different. In the clip, she is playing the recorder. She was a little rusty at first, but once she got into the groove, she was able to play a short tune.

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