‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Confuses Fans With Jim Bob Business Venture

Counting On star Jana Duggar and patriarch Jim Bob Duggar seem to be up to something, which leaves fans confused today. Recent reports describe Jana Duggar trying the patience of her Counting On parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Travels With Jim Bob Duggar and Creates Mystery

But despite those reports of family strife, it now seems Jana Duggar embarks on a business trip with her father. The Counting On daughter said in the post that “even though it’s a work trip” she enjoys time with her dad.

The duo landed somewhere on the East Coast, leaving their location a mystery in Jana Duggar’s latest post. But fans want to know if this trip has something to do with the TLC show Counting On or something completely different.

Counting On fans voiced their opinion lately regarding both the Duggar elders. Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob Duggar seem to show up in the TLC show more frequently lately. This doesn’t sit well with some of the fans.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar - Jana Duggar

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Not Well Received By All Fans

According to recent reports, some fans still seem upset over the Josh Duggar scandal. Because some of the Counting On viewers continue to hold Jim Bob Duggar and wife Michelle accountable for this, they don’t want to see them on the show. Or at least they don’t want them to show up too often.

Reports indicate the Counting On matriarch and patriarch worry over Jana’s future. Reports indicate her parents feel that she’s not put much effort into finding a husband. But even more worrisome for her parents is that she’s not doing anything to prepare herself for a life of marriage.

In a recent interview, Jana Duggar did reveal she’s dated but she hasn’t found any man she considers marriage material yet. Many fans of the show feel the opposite about Jana’s journey. They hope that she’ll continue on with her own journey as long as it makes her happy.

Counting On: What Work Brings Father-Daughter Duo to the East?

Jana Duggar was fairly vague in her post above when it comes to details of what the father-daughter Counting On duo had planned. First of all, the East Coast is one big place that encompasses many states. From the looks of the picture, she and Jim Bob Duggar could be on Cape Cod or possibly visiting somewhere along the Carolina coast.

One clue is the matching winter coats. It’s been frigid in New England for the past week. So maybe this dad and daughter stopped to visit the beaches in this area? Fans seemed confused about what type of work venture brought them to the beach. So far it’s all still a mystery for the die-hard Counting On fans.

One thing the fans did notice is Jana Duggar calling her dad her “hero” in her hashtags. Again, some Duggar family followers have a different take on the Duggar parents after they didn’t take any accountability on their son’s scandal. But this young lady clearly loves her dad and it appears she’s enjoying his company.

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