‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Drops Hope Runs After Steffy – Loses Both?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) discovery leaving Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) lonely. After Steffy walked into Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) dressing room to see Liam all over her, she explodes. Steffy then rips into the couple whose extracurricular activity she interrupted. Then Steffy storms out. Is this the beginning of the end for Liam’s twisted love life?

Bold and the Beautiful Hot Potato

Liam, who seemed to be so into Hope just moments before, drops her like a hot potato and runs after Steffy. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope is left feeling a bit used and tossed aside. But at the same time, she’s become enlightened. Hope also realizes Liam will never fully commit to her.

Right after she leaves Liam and Hope, Steffy is mowing down a path to Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) house. Through all her despair she at least knows she’ll get a better welcome from Bill than she did from the father of her baby.

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Liam is a Ship Without a Port

Bill is ready to take Steffy on her terms, which are a bit mixed up right now considering what she just witnessed. He has promised her that he will love her and take care of both her and baby Kelly.

Liam is in hot pursuit of Steffy, but he of all people he is thrown into despair when he realizes he’s lost her. Fate basically made the decision for him when it comes to the two women he’s been playing.

Once a B&B Player Always a Player?

Liam was caught with Hope doing something more than giving her a supportive hug after her show. This means he has feelings for the woman so he should just leave it at that. No, not Liam. He still has to have Steffy as well. But Steffy has a backbone and wants nothing more to do with him.

Now Hope is feeling thrown over for Steffy. Meanwhile, Steffy is devastated that Liam was with Hope. This was a rude awakening for both women who now fully realize, maybe for the first time, that Liam cannot (or won’t) commit to either one of them. Soap Hub suggests that Liam’s loss is Bill’s gain. Dollar Bill has been hoping and planning to win Steffy for a very long time.

Liam’s Self-Inflicted Demise

Since Bold and Beautiful spoilers do NOT indicate that the CBS soap is going to take a Sister Wives twist, Liam won’t wind up with both women and spoilers suggest he is left without either Steffy or Hope. Better yet, this was totally self-inflicted on Liam’s part.

Now that Steffy and Hope are seeing Liam’s true colors, there’s plenty of room for this storyline to go sideways. One hint of things to come might have been seen on Bill’s face on Monday’s show. It was during the scene when he met baby Kelly’s nanny for the first time.

Bold and the Beautiful Grandpa

Bill introduces himself as Bill Spencer and the nanny pipes up, oh, the baby’s grandfather. He didn’t like that and he also didn’t take that remark like a typical grandfather would.

No, Bill looked like a father who was just mistaken for someone else. A lot of theories swirled about the paternity of Steffy’s baby. Then there was Bill lurking around her doctor’s office unbeknownst to Steffy. That was the day she was given the DNA results that Liam was the baby’s real dad. Or is he?

Sudden Departure Hint?

It was too sudden between Bill and Steffy when they parted ways as Steffy went back to Liam. Could it be that somehow Bill was able to finagle those results? Bill seemed to come to his senses and acknowledged that Steffy wanted Liam and not him.

Did Bill have that test doctored as a secret gift for Steffy? A gift she’s never known about? They call him Dollar Bill for a reason. Money can buy just about anything if you offer enough of it.

Could it be that Liam has not only lost Steffy, but he will soon find out Kelly is his sister? Will that be the only way to get rid of him once and for all out of Steffy’s life? Will that be Bill’s ammunition when Liam starts the doting father routine to get back into Steffy’s life?

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