‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Gives Liam to Steffy – Wants Phoebe to Have a Father

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) makes the ultimate sacrifice and hands Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). She might do this for Phoebe Forrester to have a good family.

Her infatuation with Steffy’s  adopted baby becomes worrisome to those around her. But even when Hope’s outlook gets scary to the people she loves, it looks like the grieving mom may know exactly what she’s doing.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Logan Can’t Explain Connection

In a strange way, Hope sees baby Phoebe as her lifeline. She’s said this in several different ways on recent Bold and the Beautiful episodes. The grieving mother feels a connection she tries to explain but can’t.  B&B viewers know why she gravitates towards Phoebe. But the people in her life believe she’s starting to use Phoebe Forrester as a replacement for Beth.

It looks like something deep down inside of Hope wants the best for the infant. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest a rather bizarre move on Hope’s part will demonstrate a strong bond between a mother and a child. Even though she’s led to believe this baby was born to another woman, that bond is still there.

Hope Puts Phoebe Before Everything and Everybody

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate the love Hope Logan has for Phoebe Forrester comes above all else. As the B&B episodes move forward this becomes more apparent and adds to the confusion for everyone in her circle.

Moms everywhere are notorious for saying they’d give up their life for their child. It looks like Hope is one of those moms who will actually attempt to do this, give up life as she knows it.

Hope Has Haunting Feeling to Make Phoebe’s Family Whole

The haunting drive Hope Logan has to see Phoebe Forrester grow up happy might prompt her to do something no one understands. She might give up her marriage with Liam Spencer so that Phoebe has a full-time father figure in Steffy Forrester’s home.

As crazy as this might sound, it’s not too much of a stretch. Hope’s recent mindset on Bold and the Beautiful is all about this little baby Phoebe Forrester, who is actually her daughter Beth. Steffy Forrester and Liam may be stunned by Hope’s offer.

Liam Spencer + Steffy Forrester a Happy Family of Four?

If Hope Logan finds a way to push Liam into Steffy’s arms, in her eyes she’s doing two good deeds. Not only will Phoebe Forrester have a dad in her home, but Liam Spencer becomes that father.

Hope feels she failed her husband in that department. This is something fans heard her say during recent Bold and the Beautiful scenes. So might see telling Liam to go back and get with Steffy Forrester as a way to fulfill everyone’s needs, except of course her own.

Liam won’t leave Hope no matter how she presents it and she knows this. So It looks as though she’ll have no choice but to come up with a plan that heads Liam Spencer in Steffy Forrester’s direction.

B&B Spoilers: Hope’s Dark Side Finally Emerges?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promises a dark side emerging from Hope Logan. But that doesn’t necessarily mean this mom in mourning needs to become clinically unhinged.

It could be that Hope Logan manipulates Liam Spencer into Steffy’s arms by pretending she’s got a dark side. This is a mom with an inherent need to do what’s best for her child, even though no one but the B&B fans knows this baby is hers.

How Does Hope Manipulate Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester?

Bold and the Beautiful writers have a blank canvas to work on for this grieving mom’s next move. They could have Hope Logan packing up and leaving town. Or even pretending there’s a new man in her life.

Viewers know this loving wife isn’t capable of hurting Liam Spencer but it’s Phoebe Forrester she has in mind. So there’s no telling how far she will go for the love of her child, even though she’s constantly reminded Phoebe is not her daughter.

Something in the deepest part of her heart tells Hope that Phoebe is everything to her. That same something might prompt this grieving mother to move mountains to make sure Phoebe has everything in life, especially a dad around all the time. So watch CBS daytime to see if Hope Logan hands over Liam Spencer to Steffy Forrester.

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