‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Zoe Sacrifices Cat In Twisted ‘Fatal Attraction’ Plot?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) as one dangerous woman. Fans think she will sacrifice her cat to get what she wants. The hints are emerging on the screen suggesting that they may be right. So just how dangerous is she?

Think about the amount of time The Bold and the Beautiful (a 30-minute show) has spent on Zoe’s cat. This was also Xander Avant’s (Adain Bradley) cat at one time. Now think about how much effort Zoe made to show that she loved that cat like it was her own child. Now ask yourself why?

Is Brad Bell Crafting A Bold and the Beautiful ‘Fatal Attraction?’

Brad Bell usually doesn’t spend too much time on things unless they are an important part of an upcoming plan. Yet, Zoe’s cat can’t possibly fit into a major plot, or can it?

Xander made a rather stupid mistake the day of the fashion show. He went over to Zoe’s to make sure she was getting ready to leave L.A. soon. Yep, she had no intention but told him what he wanted to hear.

Xander’s visit to Zoe did nothing more than to plant a ploy in her head. Once finding out she was banned from the Forrester Creations fashion show, she was after the forbidden fruit.

Zoe Proves She’s a Risk Taker

You have to admit that was a lame disguise and a really lame way for her to get her on the stage with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). What this did prove was Xander doesn’t have a clue as to what this woman is capable of. It also demonstrates that Zoe is not afraid of consequences.

Soap Hub reports that Emma is more than ready to make Zoe pay for her antics on The Bold and the Beautiful. But it looks as if Zoe might have it the other way around. She may want Emma to pay for capturing the heart of her ex-boyfriend.

It looks like Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) has more insight into Zoe than her ex-boyfriend has, who is now Emma’s new boyfriend. The spoilers suggest that Zoe is dangerous and it looks like this is the direction she is going in.

B&B Devious Mind

Zoe has the kind of devious mind that would allow her to go to great lengths to get something she wants. And she wants Xander back. So if the spoilers are right, she has a plan to snag her man with a net that is probably well-used.

It stands to reason that Emma needs to get out of the way for Zoe to do this, so what’s next? Think about it… Zoe made such a fuss over her cat, Harry. She even conveys that it is like a baby for her and Xander. Although you never get that feeling from the mysterious man from London.

It is not unlike Brad Bell to put so much emphasis on an object, a person, or event for no reason. So there has to be a reason that dang cat got so much air-time on The Bold and the Beautiful so far.

Zoe has already painted the canvas so that everyone knows that cat means the world to her. The scene of her stroking her cat and talking about how much she loves Harry is overdone. It is also reminiscent of a Bond Girl before conjuring up an evil plan. That would be Jame Bond 007!

Zoe wants Emma gone

Getting Emma out of the way won’t be easy. But if Zoe frames her for something horrendous, such as killing her beloved cat, even Xander couldn’t forgive her for that.

OK, before all the grimaces on the faces of the animal lovers start to form out there, remember this is only a soap. There is no way even one hair on the cat’s head would be harmed if this was, in fact, the future storyline.

His evil Ex, Zoe, has to think up something spectacular to send Xander into her arms and away from Emma. Her character is blooming into what looks to be a very sick woman.

She may just turn the tables on Emma to make it look like she is now stalking Zoe. The jealous new girlfriend checking out the old love is a scenario that happens now and again. So if she makes it look like Emma’s jealousy has gotten the best of her, it might work. Or at least in the mind of Zoe.

Emma is set up?

Zoe may make it look like Emma is trying so hard to get rid of her that she does this awful thing. A dead cat would be similar to that dead horse’s head in the movie The Godfather. That was a warning to the guy in bed. It was basically a warning saying he could be next.

The twisted Brit is devious and smart. She could set up a scene where she “finds” her dead cat with a warning that she better leave now or she’s next. Hey, back in 1987, one of the most horrendous scenes from a movie was seen in Fatal Attraction. Glenn Close’s boiled a live bunny as a message to the wife of the man with whom she was obsessed.

Is Zoe just as sick? Is this Fatal Attraction meets Godfather? With Zoe’s devious ways she could easily do something like killing her cat and then frame Emma for the sick deed.

One can’t help wondering what Brad Bell has up his sleeve after spending a good deal of time on a cat. Especially when it is only a 30-minute soap. That cat could be a major player somewhere down the line. If Zoe uses her beloved cat to frame Emma, then there’s no question on just how dangerous she is.

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