‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Walks In On Liam and Hope’s Passionate Kiss

Bold and the Beautiful fans won’t be too surprised to learn that the Liam-Steffy-Hope love triangle is finished. Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) gets a nasty shock on Monday when she walks in on Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). This leads Steffy straight into the waiting arms of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

Bold and the Beautiful Passionate Shocker

The Bold spoilers suggest Steffy’s heart won’t be in this pairing with Bill – at least not at the start. But this is more than her giving into Dollar Bill’s advances. It’s about her shock when she finds Liam in the throes of passion with Hope. This is a new Steffy, the new mother Steffy, this time around. While she is furious, in pain, and feeling betrayed, all she thinks about is her baby daughter’s future.

Liam and Steffy were ready to start their life together and Bill was bound and determined to show Steffy Liam wasn’t up for that task. Sure, Bill is meddling again, but other than getting Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) to snap a picture of Hope and Liam in a compromising position, he did nothing more.

Bill didn’t lure Liam to Hope, the waffling soon-to-be-dad of two did this all by himself. Once that photo was texted to Bill he showed it to Steffy right away. She took it as one of Bill’s ploys and felt he was trying to pass an old picture as a new one.

It wasn’t until Steffy makes a surprise visit to Forrester Creations when she sees Liam’s passion for Brooke with her own eyes. She’s sick to her stomach, her mind is racing, and she knows now that Hope will always come between them. They are in the heat of the moment kissing in a way lovers only do and Steffy had to see this.

Steffy Humiliated at How She Begged Liam

Steffy is quite humiliated as well, suggest the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. She was pregnant and begging Liam to take her back not so long ago. She begged for his forgiveness and did everything within her power to prove to him she’ll be faithful.

The old Steffy would just leave or kick him out, after seeing him with Hope. Old Steffy wouldn’t be concerned about being left alone But that is not what the new mom Steffy will do.

She is not going through life struggling to give her daughter Kelly the life she should have. While she’ll part ways with Liam, she has plan B in mind. With that said, Bill is looking better and better for her for that reason.

B&B Making Dollar Bill Into Steffy’s Safety Net

Bill was right when he told her Liam couldn’t be trusted and she’d always be sharing Liam with Hope. Bill truly loves Steffy and he promises her a life with him where she and Kelly will want for nothing.

This is the draw over to Bill, as the love for him is not there or it is hidden under all her pain right now. But with or without love, it sounds like she’s taking Bill up on his offer.

Enough Pain to Go Around?

Liam and Hope are surprised and devastated when Steffy walks into the dressing room to find her baby’s father and the man she’s about to marry with Hope. Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is happy to hover over Liam who is licking his wounds after this horrific incident.

While Brooke is seemingly showing empathy for Steffy, really Brooke couldn’t be more thrilled. This embrace doesn’t look like Liam “supporting” Hope in her new collection venture. It looks like he’s more than doing his duty to the woman carrying his child.

Bold and the Beautiful Drastic Couple Swap

The Bold spoilers suggest that when the dust settles, Liam and Stuffy are forced to face the future apart. An alliance is formed between Bill and Steffy. What they plan to do has the potential to forever alter innocent lives. Left to Liam, he’d play this love triangle for the rest of his days. Steffy is the one to make the decision for him as she walks away, suggests some soap sites.

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