‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ping Pong Liam Needs Sister Wives Solution?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that fans have requests for the writers. Really it’s more of demands, no requests. Not enough fur is flying between Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). It appears as fans are asking that the soap “cut to the chase”. Another fan request asks, “Can we please speed this along?” Steffy and Hope dilemma over waffle-boy Liam isn’t holding the interest of fans like it once did.

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Bold and the Beautiful ‘Sister Wives’ May Work

Another Bold and the Beautiful theme has bubbled up on the soap boards. One is about “sister wives”. The idea of making Steffy and Hope the polygamous wives of Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) while they raise their babies together is gaining some ground. While it probably started out as a joke, people are chiming in with reasons why it should go that way.

This is in reference to the TLC reality show Sister Wives, which airs the daily activities of four women all spiritually married to polygamous Kody Brown. He does have one legal wife in the eyes of the law, but the other three are not his legal spouses.

Fans Set the Scene

One fan writes, “Steffy and Hope are literally sharing Liam. He is now going from one bed to the other”. Die-hard Bold fans already plan on Steffy doing all the work with both babies in a sister wives-like setup. One thing is for certain – fans are having fun with this theory. It’s too bad Brad Bell won’t listen.

Since Steffy learned of Hope’s baby blessing, the two met face to face. Fans wanted an explosive confrontation. Instead, they were privy to a diplomatic meeting laced with a bit of snarkiness. Steffy assured Hope that Liam will be a good father to her baby. It is just that he won’t be under the same roof as her. Hope reassures Steffy that Liam will choose the right woman for him… Hope!

Bold and the Beautiful Needs a Baby Mama Brawl!

Hope’s reoccurring theme during their confrontation is basically – let’s just-wait-and-see. There’s no juicy stuff to her comeback aimed at her rival. Hope was once again diplomatic when telling Steffy that Liam needs to make a choice. She laid it out politely – where were the fighting words?

Hope also tells Steffy very matter-of-factly that Liam can choose someone who has lied and cheated or someone who has been honest and dedicated. She insults Steffy with about as much enthusiasm as someone reading their shopping list.

Fans of the show picked up on this. One viewer writes, “Steffy & Hope are having the most civilized fight I have ever seen in daytime for a man!” Where’s the hair pulling cat fight everyone wants to see?

Fans Talks ‘Sister Wives’ for Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan

Even when Hope and Steffy both talk to Liam about each other’s babies, they are kind and considerate. Each acknowledges that baby Kelly and the unborn baby are a blessing. Apparently, some fans can see Steffy and Hope dedicating themselves to Liam, his babies and each other!

“Sister wives…one has been faithful, one has lied,” this is how one fan sees Liam’s lot in life in his world of polygamy!

Bold and the Beautiful Running Out Of Ways To Vie For Liam Spencer?

Then there’s Liam’s reaction to the women. If you didn’t watch the soap regularly and just happened to tune in, you’d swear whichever one he was talking to was his choice. He even tells Hope he doesn’t want the two ladies fighting over him when she tells Liam of her visit with Steffy.

Hope tells him he’s worth fighting for and the comical part of all of this is that nobody is actually fighting. There’s not a claw that’s come out yet or even dust flying, never mind the fur.  The already lame triangle has gotten even lamer these days.

Some Comic Relief…

When Liam’s father, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), referred to Liam as “the walking ping-pong ball,” on Friday’s episode, that term took hold.

One viewer of the show wrote, “EXCELLENT description of your son, Dolla…walking ping-pong ball!” Another fan offered kudos to the fictional character saying, “Gotta give it to $Bill he comes up with some great nicknames for people.”

It seems that the only entertainment coming from Liam-Steffy-Hope triangle is Bill’s comedy act of tagging his son a “walking ping-pong-ball.”

Bold and the Beautiful Fans Last Ditch Effort?

It is rather sad when fans of a show are finding ways to soothe the savage beast even when there isn’t one. They see Steffy and Hope so tame around each other that some believe a sister wives routine is the only way to go. Although, Hope does have a strange look in her eyes once in a while, a look that can be seen as a bit scary.

Could it be that it is Steffy that needs to worry about a stalker down the line? You have to admit that Hope’s approach to Steffy and Liam’s situation is a little off-center. She appears to believe that Liam will make the right choice and in Hope’s eyes that right choice is her.

Fans Tired of the “Non-Frontation”

So far, there’s little in the way of confrontation. It’s more of a chilly but cordial situation. Dull. If Liam chooses Hope, Steffy will probably sulk, but eventually, she’ll probably make her way back to Bill. They can be just as happy as two parents with a biological child. After all, Kelly is Bill’s granddaughter. If Liam chooses Steffy that may turn into a catastrophe. Hope seems so reassured that Liam will be hers that this mother-to-be might not take the news of losing him well.

One has to wonder just why this storyline is dragging on without any fantastic scenes playing out between Liam’s girls. There’s plenty of room on the canvas to paint in a shocker for Hope’s pregnancy. Could all this treading through lameness amount to something spectacular in the end? It’s Bold and the Beautiful so anything can happen.

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