‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Rages As Liam Gropes Half-Naked Hope

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) will get Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) very soon. The evidence supporting Steffy ending her relationship with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) was revealed recently by an official CBS video (see below) that shows the explosive end to Liam and Steffy and her running to Dollar Bill.

Bold and the Beautiful – a Woman Scorned

Steffy walks in on Liam and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) in the throes of passion. While they were heatedly kissing it looks as though they were on the cusp of going even further. The clip shows Steffy looking like a woman about to lose her mind when she finds them together.

Look at the video closely, Hope is almost topless. She has a robe on which appears open and fallen down below her shoulders. It looks as if more than a kiss was about to unfold. Steffy is in attack mode on the video spoiler below. Listen carefully to what she says to the couple who appear as if they were just about to do the dirty deed.

Steffy then proceeds to flip furniture screaming that Hope was half naked with the father of her child. She is scorned and there’s no telling what’s next on her agenda. Although a hint of future is shown when the next scene of this clip puts her with Bill.

Bill Gets The Short End of the Stick

Bill had already planted suspicion by showing Steffy a picture of Liam and Hope in an embrace. This is a photo that Bill persuaded Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) to take at the Hope for the Future show. 

Justin texted this picture to Bill who at the time happened to be visiting Steffy at her home. Bill is strategic, there’s no denying that.

He knew Liam was at Hope’s event “supporting her” and he dropped in to work on Steffy. This included a marriage proposal. While Bill pleaded with Steffy to see the writing on the wall, Steffy’s wheels were turning.

She was thinking about what Bill said and she probably knew he was right. The clip online showing Steffy’s reaction as she walks in on Liam and Hope is one of fury. Soap Hub spoilers suggest Steffy puts an end to Liam’s love triangle.

A Little Help From His Friends on Bold and the Beautiful

Besides Bill asking for Justin to text him a picture if he sees Liam a bit too close to Hope, he has not interfered. Liam has done all of this on his own. Steffy can blame Bill for this all she wants. With that said, he didn’t set those two up in the dressing room. They did this on their own.

Bold and the Beautiful Hope and Liam On Cell Phone Screen

Liam Is the Real Heel Here

Liam was riding both sides of the fence for a while now since finding out about Hope’s pregnancy. He is the father of both Hope’s unborn baby and Steffy’s baby Kelly. But he is also acting like a husband to both women as well. When Steffy saw the photo Bill shared, she assumed Bill was tricking her and had faith in Liam.

However, like the smart woman she is, she decides to check things out for herself and heads to Forrester Creations. That’s when she walks in on Liam and his other baby mama in a tight clutch that looked like it was about to turn carnal! Who can blame Steffy for her reaction? But who can blame Hope for latching onto the love of her life?

B&B Strange Relationship Contract

Bill sees what Liam is doing to Steffy and the man seems to genuinely love the woman. From the end of the explosive promo clip above it looks as if Steffy is about to enter into an agreement with Bill. It sounds like that agreement entails Steffy ready to commit to him, with a big but after that. It sounds as if she is not interested in getting physical with Bill anytime soon.

New spoilers promise that Steffy and Bill “conspire” and that the result of this will change lives forever. It appears Bill loves Steffy enough to take her any way he can get her. Does this mean the couple will enter into a really odd relationship? One that puts them under the same roof but not in the same bed?  There’s more to come on this for sure!

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