‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke and Bill Push Liam Towards Hope

Bold and the Beautiful fans will be seeing some shady moves from Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) as they both are invested in getting Liam to jump ship over to Hope.  Spoilers say that fans aren’t getting much action from the two women with offspring at stake while vying for the same man.

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) have been doing a weird and cordial dance. But it looks as if all of this is about to change. Fans of the soap might not be thankful for their in-laws at home, but on Bold and the Beautiful, viewers are going to love the action these in-laws are about to unleash.

There’s nothing like extended family to screw up the works with attempts to file Steffy and Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) relationship away as history.

Bold and the Beautiful Happiness and Misery

Hope already has visions of a life with Liam dancing in her head and her mother sets out to make them come true.  Brooke, who is partially to blame for putting those visions in her daughter’s head, works on Liam.

Brooke pushes some motherly advice onto an uncomfortable Liam. She goes over the reasons why Liam’s life would make much better sense if he were with Hope.

It Doesn’t Take Much For Liam To Jump Ship

It sounds like a good old-fashion brawl beating she gives Liam to the point he doesn’t know which way is up. Brooke hammers in that his future lies with Hope and their unborn child.

Then there’s Bill, Liam’s father as well as his rival for Steffy. He went over to work on Steffy the minute he heard of Hope’s pregnancy last week. He wants her back and that whole turning over a new leaf and letting Steffy get on with her life routine is gone.

Hope’s Baby is Bill’s Ticket

Bill sees Steffy as fair-game once again with Hope now having a good portion of Liam’s life sewed up with a baby on the way. The Courier-Journal spoilers report that Bill sets Steffy up for a fall when it comes to Liam.

Hints of Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) feeling very conflicted after a request from Bill adds some fuel to the thought of this setup. Bill has something up his sleeve to get Steffy back. Then there’s Brooke, whose history with Bill surely gives them the right to be allies when turning Liam’s thoughts to Hope. Or at least that is true in the soap world.

Bold and the Beautiful Historic Allies

Both Brooke and Bill have a stake in this claim. If they can get Liam to choose Hope, Bill is free to pursue Steffy. Many of the Bold and the Beautiful fans see Steffy back with Bill eventually anyway. Brooke’s stake is her daughter’s happiness or so she says.

If fans thought that Bill’s last unannounced and unwelcome visit to Steffy was his last, they are wrong. He does pop in on her and then hightails it to dig up some dirt on Liam. It sounds like this so-called dirt is needed in his plan.

Steffy’s ‘Stunning Discovery’

This week’s spoilers call for Bill to set up Steffy and when he does this she makes a “stunning discovery.” Brooke is more than likely part of that set up as the screen tends to jockey back and forth from her to Bill. When it does, both are involved in the Liam-Steffy-Hope triangle.

Brooke’s involvement with turning Liam her daughter’s way is not without repercussions for this hovering mother. When Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) discovers his wife has been plotting to run his daughter Steffy’s happiness, there’s a price to pay at home for Brooke.

Bold spoilers rattle the viewers by suggesting this isn’t a scene you want to miss. Ridge is not a happy camper and Brooke finds this out the hard way. Come back to Soap Dirt often for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.