‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Fans Sick of Kid Stuff – Fast Forward Trend Rising

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal fans are on the edge of their seats with the promise of a Steffy-Hope showdown in the wind. At the same time interest has spiked since the Bold spoilers suggested Hope may have something menacing lurking for her in the shadows. While the enthusiasm is high for these storylines, the one thing the fans aren’t tolerating too well is the “kid stuff.”

It appears that some fans of the Bold and the Beautiful are using their “fast forward” button more often these days. Or at least this is what is mentioned among some fans. So what is getting the fans aggravated enough to skip scenes from the B&B episodes? It is all the “kid’s stuff” as one disenchanted viewer put it.

It was the post below on Facebook’s Voice of the Fans page for B&B that started the recent conversation. It’s a conversation that is still going strong.

Bold and the Beautiful Fans Irritated at Teen Angst

B&B fan annoyance is centered on the storyline above with Emma, Xander and his “big” secret. This set off a Facebook conversation about how some fans are getting fed-up with the teen scene being shoved at them. One fan wrote “Sorry I watch soaps for grownup stories, not kid stuff. I fast forward.”

Another Bold and the Beautiful fan found this storyline “silly” and the actors playing the parts “inexperienced.” One mom with her own teens at home stated her case rather eloquently. She said, ” I have a teenager, I deal with a teenager, I don’t want to watch them on my soap!”

Steffy’s Too Young to Run a Business

Some of the other  Bold and the Beautiful fans were more adamant than others about the influx of “kids” on the soaps. “Get rid of these kids, we need adults. Even Steffy is too young to actually run a company. We need more 30 to 40-year-olds.”

One fan tried to put things in perspective by reminding soap fans this is what the summer always looks like on soaps. Each year the veteran actors leave and go on prolonged summer vacations.  Fresh faces come in to fill the void. This takes care of gaps in the storyline and, as another viewer put it, Brad Bell likes to give newcomers to acting a chance.

Bold and the Beautiful Fans Have Teens Of Their Own

It is not surprising that soap fans can be particular when it comes to tuning in day after day. Think of the age group that most watches these soaps. According to demographics, women between the ages of 18-54 top the charts in sub-age groups week after week. They represent the majority of the viewers.

These are parents that see enough teen drama at home already. Bold and the Beautiful is some sort of escape each day (depending on how many you watch), so who wants a reminder of real life?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

Some Fans See Soaps as a Short Escape from Kids

This adds evidence to what fans are posting online about Bold and the Beautiful.  Women who have teenagers of their own fall into the overall age group of soap watchers. Fans would rather see Hope and Steffy brawling than the under-20 set whispering and lurking at Forrester Creations.

Some of these viewers want to tune out their own lives for a short time each day and watch how the other half lives. They look for intrigue, glamor, and romance but among an age group that they can relate to. They don’t want to watch things going on between young characters. Especially those who are the same age as their kids. Will Bell take this into consideration?

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