‘Big Brother’: Bayleigh vs Da’Vonne – Who Goes Home Tonight?

Big Brother spoilers tease the end for either Da’Vonne Rogers or Bayleigh Dayton‘s game in tonight’s eviction episode. Head of Household Christmas Abbott took a shot at the duo and is about to separate the two of them. Unfortunately, neither Da’Vonne Rogers nor Bayleigh Dayton could alter their fate when they tried (and failed) to win the Power of Veto (PoV). So, one of them will be going home tonight unless something very unexpected happens.

Who’s it going to be?

Big Brother Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Targets Bayleigh Dayton & Da’Vonne Rogers

In a conversation between Bayleigh Dayton and Christmas Abbott last week, Bayleigh divulged some very sensitive information. She revealed that Da’Vonne Rogers is her “untouchable” in the Big Brother house. Basically, this means that Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have a Final 2 agreement that they’re both sticking to. In BB terms it’s called someone’s “Ride or Die”.

Big Brother: Da'Vonne Rogers - Christmas Abbott - Bayleigh Dayton

When Christmas won this week’s HoH, she nominated Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. She used the reasoning that Bay told her about the untouchable thing. Yet, she’s been talking about targeting them if she got the power even before that Big Brother 22 conversation. And it looks like her plan is working because she also won the PoV and secured her nominations by not using it.

BB22: Christmas Abbott & Bayleigh Dayton Go Head-to-Head

Now that the nominations are locked, either Bayleigh Dayton or Da’Vonne Rogers’ Big Brother game will be over tonight. Christmas Abbott was already leaning towards Bayleigh, but an explosive fight between the two may have sealed her fate. It started as a discussion between Da’Vonne and Christmas about Tyler Crispen volunteering to go home via a backdoor move.

Christmas Abbott wouldn’t give Da’Vonne a straight answer and Day’s constant questioning set her off. Christmas began yelling and then Bayleigh Dayton jumped into the Big Brother brawl to defend Da’Vonne. While they were fighting, Christmas kept blocking Bayleigh’s escape and getting in her face. Then, afterward, she made it seems like Bayleigh was the one being too aggressive. Ironically,

Christmas Abbott said she was going to keep her HoH door locked to stay safe from Bayleigh Dayton. However, Christmas is the one with a felony arrest and a history of violence. She plea bargained down the felony charge down to the most serious misdemeanor charge.

Big Brother 22 All Stars: Christmas Abbott


Big Brother Spoilers: Who’s the House Evicting Tonight?

As of right now, it seems like Bayleigh Dayton will probably be the one going home. Bay is even asking the house to send her home and to save Da’Vonne.

Tyler Crispen tried to save both Day and Bay, before the PoV was used, by sacrificing himself to go home. But sources say that productions stepped in and told that his plan broke Big Brother rules. Tyler’s plan felt apart and left him with egg on his face.

Christmas Abbott has her sights set on Bayleigh and she may get her way. If everything goes to plan, she’ll be sitting outside the house talking to Julie Chen at tonight’s eviction.

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