‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Nominates Both of the Women of Color in the House

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Head of Household Christmas Abbott has made a move nominating Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton. Now, some BB fans aren’t liking it. While there have been ethnic winners of Big Brother, there has never been an African American winner. Except for Tamar Braxton who won Celebrity Big Brother.

Since Jackson Michie was roasted last year for nominating minorities as his first Big Brother move, fans thought that Christmas Abbott might want avoid the same situation. However, in Jackson’s case – Cliff Hogg was counted as a minority because of his age.

So, it’s surprising that Christmas would nominate the only women of color, Da’Vonne Rogers and her friend Bayleigh Dayton. Especially at the same time. While it could be what’s best for her game, the optics don’t look good.  Christmas should have known that Big Brother viewers would slam her on social media… and they are.

Big Brother Spoilers: Christmas Abbott Beats Out Da’Vonne Rogers for HoH

Enzo Palumbo considers his HoH reign a success after the house evicted Kaysar Ridha last week. Yet, what he probably considers a great move was about the safest one he could have made. It really didn’t advance his game. He just did what the house wanted. There were bigger threats to his game that he could have taken out.

Afterwards, the Big Brother 22 houseguests launched into the Head of Household battle for power over what happens this week.

The HoH competition consisted of the players having to count things quickly. Then, they had to determine if the number was less than, equal to, or more than the number Big Brother host Julie Chen read them. They competed in pairs until it dwindled there were only two left. It came down to Christmas Abbott and Da’Vonne Rogers. Although Da’Vonne was the first to buzz in with an answer, she was incorrect, and that meant that Christmas Abbott automatically became the HoH.

Big Brother: Christmas Abbott - Nicole Franzel

BB22: Christmas Abbott Nominates Da’Vonne Rogers & Bayleigh Dayton for Eviction

If Da’Vonne Rogers would have won this week’s HoH, then we’d be looking at a completely different game. Christmas Abbott is part of Big Brother 22‘s majority alliance, The Committee.

Because of her alliance agreements with Enzo Palumbo and The Committee, there are only a few people she could target. Out of the five people she can target, over half are African-American – Da’Vonne Rogers, David Alexander and Bayleigh Dayton.

Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers have their own alliance called Black Girl Magic. David Alexander is loosely affiliated with the alliance as both the women have taken him in under their wings. Many Big Brother houseguest have talked about putting up Da’Vonne along with Bayleigh on the block to break up the alliance. But, fans didn’t think that anyone would put them both up at the same time.

One of Da’Vonne and Bayleigh’s best chances to stay in the game would be to win the Power of Veto. Unfortunately, Christmas also managed to win the PoV and now holds all of the power in the Big Brother house.

The only big target that doesn’t have a deal with Christmas is Ian Terry. So, maybe Christmas Abbott (or the house) will want to target Ian and Christmas Abbott will pull down one of her nominees.

Big Brother: Bayleigh Dayton - Da'Vonne Rogers

Big Brother: Some Fans Upset With Nominations

The Black Lives Matters movement was in full swing when Christmas Abbott entered the house. Unless she was living under a rock she should have understood how her decision would appear in today’s climate.

Christmas Abbott’s career as a fitness model is based around her public image. In today’s cancel culture, this move may do damage to her career long term.

While breaking up the Da’Vonne/Bayleigh alliance may have seemed like an easy move inside he house, it will probably be a lot harder to deal with the blow-back when Christmas enters the real world.  In hindsight, she will probably wish she had made a power move and eliminated a big player from her own alliance.

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