‘Big Brother’ Shocker: Tyler Offered to Save Bayleigh and Da’Vonne – Then Production Stepped In

Big Brother‘s Tyler Crispen shook the All-Star house with a plan to sacrifice his game to save Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers. Tyler was willing to leave the game as a replacement nomination, but live feeds reveal that CBS production may have stopped him.

Head of Household Christmas Abbott, with an assist from Big Brother production, reportedly talked Tyler Crispen into backing off his plan. The edit that airs on CBS could leave this out altogether. But for some watching live feeds – there’s a lot of anger about how it went down.

Tyler Crispen Offered Self-Sacrifice as Re-Nom on Big Brother

Last night, a tearful Tyler Crispen went to Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton about them being on the Big Brother chopping block together. (Of course, this was more Dani and Nicole F’s doing than his). Tyler told them he’d ask HoH Christmas Abbott to use her Power of Veto to pull one of them off the block and choose him as the renom.

But fans watching the Big Brother feeds were furious as CBS cut the feeds off and on during this dialog. Then, a couple of hours later, Tyler Crispen went up to see Christmas and pitch his PoV and renom plan. As soon as Tyler started talking, BB cut the HoH room feeds.

So, some of the info below comes from Big Brother HG chatter, context, and our source at CBS production. We also heard showrunner Allison Grodner stepped in to address Tyler Crispen desire to leave the BB house so that Bayleigh and Da’Vonne Rogers could stay.

Big Brother All Stars: Tyler Crispen - BB22

Two Hours in the BB22 HoH Room While Houseguests Freak

With the Big Brother cameras for the live feeds aimed elsewhere, the other houseguests ranted and worried while Tyler Crispen talked to Christmas for hours. Paranoid Dani Donato decided Tyler is up there, throwing her name around. Nicole told Dani to quit panicking, but then she joined in as well.

Then, twitchy Nicole Franzel tried to shut down the Tyler-Christmas convo. However, they sent Nicole way. Dani was sure he was plotting against her. In the end, Tyler Crispen was asking to go on the Big Brother block – or so we assume – since feeds were down.

So, late last night/early this morning, Bayleigh Dayton and also Da’Vonne Rogers had a good feeling that they could stay in the Big Brother house. They even had a little dance party (see below) since Tyler assured them it was a go. Plus, Christmas seemed on board and talked alliance with Day, Dani, her, and Nicole F.

Big Brother All Stars: Bayleigh Dayton - Da'Vonne Rogers - BB22

Tyler Crispen Get Pressured?

When the houseguests entered the Big Brother house this season, the Black Lives Matters was in full swing. Tyler Crispen has talked about the movement on the live feeds (but then production cuts the feeds when he does).  He immediately befriended David Alexander and made amends with Bayleigh Dayton agreeing to help her game.

Tyler gave crucial information to Bayleigh, David and Da’Vonne to help them. So it’s no surprise to some Big Brother fans that he might be willing to sacrifice his game and get voted out for what he called a “higher cause”.

Then things changed. From what we were told, CBS pulled out an old Big Brother rule (that has rarely if ever been used) that says a player can’t ask to be put on the block and can’t ask for votes to leave the BB game.

If Tyler Crispen continued to try and save Da’Vonne and Bayleigh this way then he would be in violation of the rules and could lose his income from participating in Big Brother.  Unlike other seasons, it’s been reported that the All-Stars are paid some hefty fees for their appearance. So, Tyler could be facing a large financial risk if he continued.

Things took another turn on Monday morning. Because, between production and Christmas Abbott, it seems they talked Tyler out of his plan. Tyler Crispen admitted this morning he’s also tried to self-evict because he misses Angela Rummans, doesn’t enjoy BB22, and wants to go home. Tyler

But, Christmas told him that he’d have the rest of his life with Angela. She said he could take these two months to play the game and give it his all. Plus, Grodner reportedly pressured him against self-eviction. So, it looks like Tyler Crispen will stay and play Big Brother.

Bayleigh Dayton & Da’Vonne Rogers Crushed at Veto Ceremony on Big Brother

From what we’ve seen on the BB22 live feeds this morning, Tyler Crispen didn’t warn Bayleigh or Da’Vonne of the change in plans. Many Big Brother live feed viewers think it’s because he’s not allowed to divulge his talks about production. And he’s not allowed to talk about certain voting aspects with the houseguests. Some of the rules have never been enforced, until now.

So, the two women were optimistic, heading into the veto ceremony. However, Bayleigh Dayton told him she’d understand if it didn’t work out.

Tyler’s Big Brother strategy reversal left both Bayleigh Dayton and pal Da’Vonne Rogers on the block with Bay in tears. And, of course, BB22 can cut all of this drama out of the show they air. But live feeders know that Tyler Crispen built up Da’Vonne and Bayleigh’s hopes and didn’t deliver.

For all of Tyler’s good intentions, he is left with egg on his face. And now Da’Vonne and Bay are left as his enemies.

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