‘Big Brother’: Christmas Abbott ‘Scared’ of Bayleigh – But She’s the One with Felony Arrest

Big Brother 22‘s Christmas Abbott said some shocking things about Bayleigh Dayton – especially considering her own criminal conviction. We’re also left wondering whether Christmas’ remarks will make it onto the edited version of BB that airs on CBS.

Big Brother: Christmas Abbott “Scared” of Bayleigh Dayton – But She’s the One with Violent Criminal History

While chatting in her Head of Household room about nominations, Christmas Abbott asked, “is she [Bayleigh] gonna cut me when I put her up?” She said that in a chat with Tyler Crispen and Nicole Franzel. Then, Christmas added, “I’m going to get shot.”

Next, she escalated and said one of the Big Brother nominees would “put a fork in my face.” Christmas Abbott meant Bayleigh and Da’Vonne Rogers. The others in the HoH room laughed. And, seemingly taking the potential threat seriously, Nicole Franzel said production would “stop that.”

Christmas Abbott wasn’t joking, because she said Big Brother couldn’t stop it “if it happens fast enough.” See it all in the video below.

But let’s clarify something. Out of Christmas, Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton, only one of them has a frightening criminal record. And it’s not either of the women of color.

BB22 All Star’s Felony Arrest for Attacking Another Woman in 2018

On August 18 of 2018, while Big Brother alum Christmas Abbott was eight months pregnant, she went on a rampage against a woman in Tampa, Florida. She rammed her SUV repeatedly into Samantha Morse’s car. So, who’s this woman that Christmas hates so much? The new girlfriend of the guy that got Christmas pregnant.

Before the car-ramming incident, the pregnant Big Brother star approached her baby daddy’s new squeeze, confronted her, and slapped her coffee out of her hand. Then, Christmas Abbott stormed out and began ramming Samantha’s car with her Mercedes SUV. The Tampa police showed up, and the officer said the BB All Star was in a “fit of rage.”

The report we obtained on the Big Brother celeb’s attack also said she kept screaming at the other woman, despite the police warning Christmas to calm down. They arrested Christmas Abbott and took her to jail, but they wound up not booking her that today because of her pregnancy heat symptoms.

Instead, they carted her to the hospital. The BB houseguest later surrendered for booking after Tampa police issued a warrant. And the victim Christmas Abbott targeted filed a domestic violence complaint and a restraining order.

Big Brother 22 All Stars: Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott’s Violent Felony Arrest Outcome & Why Big Brother Let Her Play Again

Many fans wonder why CBS let Christmas Abbott back in the house, given her felony arrest. If she was brand-new to the game, her criminal record might have barred her from participating in Big Brother. It seems strange to let someone convicted of going after someone with violence into a high-stress situation like the BB house.

In the end, her lawyer negotiated a third-degree felony charge reduction. It went from felony criminal mischief down to a negotiated guilty plea. Now, her criminal record shows a first-degree misdemeanor. Here’s what that means, Big Brother fans. The judge downgraded her charge from a felony to the most severe type of misdemeanor.

That kept a felony off Christmas Abbott’s record. It also means that the Big Brother single mom changed her “not guilty” plea to a negotiated guilty, acknowledging her guilt. There were eyewitnesses galore to her actions. Plus, the other woman initially filed a DV case against the BB star.

She later dropped that case against the Big Brother alumnus. But the restraining order stands. Now, Christmas says she’s scared of Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. But, Christmas Abbott is the one with a criminal conviction for dangerous behavior. The mugshot and court records don’t lie, people.

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