‘Big Brother 22’ Update: Will it Be All-Stars Instead of Newbies – Some Cast Signed Already?

Big Brother 22 chatter is on fire about a possible All-Star season hosted by Julie Chen. This Summer is BB’s 20th anniversary, so they may shake things up and bring back returning players. It also might be simpler since alums know the drill, given the current COVID-19 concerns. Here’s the latest on BB22. We hear there are some big changes this season for corona concerns. But will there be a casting upheaval too?

Big Brother 22 Will Happen – But Will it Be Veterans or Newbs?

One thing for sure is that CBS is committed to getting BB22 on the air this Summer. And we recently reported that Robyn Kass said casting was closed to applicants. That seemed a sure sign that it would be new players coming into the Big Brother house.

However, there’s new info leaking that they might scrap that casting and bring in an All-Star cast for two reasons. First, it would honor the 20th anniversary of Big Brother. Second, it might be easier to work with them, given the restrictions on shooting because of coronavirus.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (not to be confused with Gavin Belson) just rubber-stamped a plan to get Hollywood back to work. And that includes Big Brother. There are requirements for social distancing, crew safety, handwashing, etc. And BB seems to fit the bill on most counts.

With no crew-cast interaction, CBS can minimize the risk to cast members by sequestering them for two weeks instead of the usual one. Then, they can monitor them in the Big Brother house. No doubt, the network must encourage social distance, but that seems unlikely once they’re in there.

Big Brother: Julie Chen - Houseguest Costumes

Has CBS Been Planning BB22 All-Star Since Last Year – Julie Chen Drops Hint

Another teaser that the powers that be at Big Brother might be planning an All-Star season is Julie Chen’s social media posts from a few months back. You can see the photos above and below of Julie cosplaying as players from the past. Was she dropping hints that BB22 was an all-veteran season?

Big Brother host Julie dressed up as Paul Abrahamian, complete with Pablo the duck (above, left). Then, she also cosplayed as Mike “Boogie” Malin (above, right). Last, while there have been a few froggies in the past, the blond braid made it clear that she’s posing as Nicole Franzel (above, bottom left).

Then, you can see that Julie Chen’s dressed up as Liz Nolan from the Wackstreet punishment (below, left). And she’s the original Fruit Loop Dingus, Zach Rance (bottom, right). These are from Halloween 2019 – when they would already be planning Big Brother 22.

Big Brother: Julie Chen - Houseguest Costumes

Big Brother LEAK: Some Veterans Confirmed for All-Star Season

US Magazine put out a story today with no details alleging CBS was talking to veterans. But, they had no other info. However, we’ve got some scoop beyond what they said. We’ve heard from someone behind the scenes at production that some vets signed on for BB22.

However, we also heard that fans might be disappointed in the Big Brother comebacks. And there’s also chatter that if they can’t recruit enough fan-favorites, they may draw from the “regular” applicants and do a regular season of BB22.

In the usual Summer, Big Brother fans might kick back on a so-so season of veterans. But given that COVID concerns meant we might not get a BB season at all, viewers might lower their standards. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on which vets might be open to a return to BB.

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