‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Demi Burnett is a Huge ‘Big Brother’ Fan – Shares Her Thoughts on Season 21

Bachelor in Paradise star Demi Burnett is a big fan of the CBS hit reality show Big Brother. When she’s not chilling on the BiP beach with girlfriend Kristian Haggerty. Or hanging out with Bachelorette bestie Hannah Brown, Demi’s tuning into the latest episode of BB21. While she may miss an episode or two, Demi typically turns to social media to get fans opinions on the season. Maybe Demi is studying up to make the leap from the Bachelor franchise to the Big Brother one. Would she make a good BB houseguest?

Bachelor in Paradise: Big Brother fan Demi Burnett & Kristian Haggerty Still on ‘Paradise’

Demi Burnett is currently starring on Bachelor in Paradise alongside Kristian Haggerty, her girlfriend. The two were together before the season started, but Demi was questioning their relationship. So, she decided to come to Paradise in order to make sure it was what she wanted.

She even received a visit from Hannah Brown, who gave her a little pep talk and gave Demi the confidence to come out as bisexual to her castmates. Then, she brought Kristian onto Bachelor in Paradise and the two are getting closer every minute they spend together on the beach. This marks the first same-sex couple in the history of the franchise.


Demi Reveals She’s a ‘Big Brother’ Fan – Talks Potential Winner

Apparently, Demi Burnett knows a thing or two about everyone’s favorite social experiment Big Brother. Not only is she currently watching season 21 along with the rest of us, but she also showed off her knowledge of previous seasons. During last night’s episode, Demi asked for fans thoughts on the summer of gameplay so far and shared who she thinks deserves to win.

The Bachelor in Paradise celeb said, “how do we feel about Christie [Murphy]? I think she’s a mean person sometimes and annoying, but if this girl manages to make it to the end, she should win.” She went on to say how Christie reminds her of Vanessa Rousso from BB17. But just because of the fact that she uses crying as a strategy for her social game.

Bachelor in Paradise: Could Demi Burnett Dominate on ‘Big Brother’?

From what we’ve seen of her so far on television, it’s a strong possibility that Demi Burnett would thrive on Big Brother. She might just have to rein in her giant personality a tad as to not become a huge target. But Demi seems to have the brains for the game. And she knows what buttons to push and which to leave alone. Maybe she would rely on social game alone to get to the end. Or even turn into a competition beast to get there. Whatever the case, Demi would be an awesome contestant on Big Brother and could definitely bring the drama.

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