‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Several Houseguests Have Secrets – Nick Maccarone Keeping Career Under Wraps

Big Brother spoilers reveal many of the secrets the houseguests plan on keeping inside the house. Nick Maccarone plans on lying about his job as a mental health therapist. Most likely in attempt to use his skills to play mind games while inside the house. Meanwhile, other houseguests plan on using some typical BB white lies like playing dumb or acting younger.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nick Maccarone’s Skilled at Mind Games?

Nick Maccarone is a mental health therapist in the Camden NJ area. So, this Big Brother houseguest knows how people think and in what ways he can mess with other people’s minds in order to put himself in the best position to win.

Not only that but Nick Maccarone can do things to manipulate a situation to get a desired result. Maybe stir up some drama between the BB houseguests or psychoanalyze them for potential weaknesses. But will his Big Brother game turn from simple manipulation to something more sinister?

Other Season 21 BB Houseguests Lying About Jobs

It’s not just Nick Maccarone that’s planning on fibbing about their occupation. Several other Big Brother 21 houseguests are planning on doing the same while inside the house. David Alexander doesn’t want anyone know that he used to be a salesman. Which might make him seem untrustworthy.

Jessica Milagros is keeping her past job as marketing manager under wraps because business people are also viewed as liars. Ironic because she is lying in order to prevent people thinking that she’s a liar. And while Analyse Talavera works in the health industry, she is hiding her college career as a Division I soccer player. She is scared her athleticism will put a bigger target on her back.

Jackson Michie, Nicole Anthony & Cliff Hogg Are Playing Dumb on Big Brother 21

Playing dumb is a strategy that got Tyler Crispen to the Final 2 last year. So, it would make sense that people might try and play Big Brother the same way. Nicole Anthony, Jackson Michie and Cliff Hogg are taking a page from Tyler’s book and dumbing themselves down.

Jackson graduated from the University of Tennessee was going to become an attorney, and law school requires a big brain. On the other hand, Nicole claims to be super talented at puzzles, so we know she won’t screw up a last ditch effort to keep her in Big Brother – cough, cough, Kaitlyn Herman. But Cliff is an engineer who decided to use his Texas background to seem aloof.

Big Brother Spoilers: Some are Just Keeping it Real

Telling a few white lies might seem harmless in the entire Big Brother game but others aren’t taking any chances. Kathryn Dunn believes telling a pointless lie and keeping up with it all summer will be exhausting. Isabella Wang is an “open book” and the only thing Jack Matthews is keeping on the down low is his Nutella addiction. Yet, Kemi Faknule says there’s nothing interesting about her to lie about.

Find out who lies and who keeps it real when Big Brother premieres on June 25 at 8.

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