‘Big Brother’: Jessica Milagros Calls Nicole Anthony a Mole

Big Brother 21 jury member Jessica Milagros has just one regret that involves Nicole Anthony. In a Twitter Q&A inside the jury house, Jessica provided fans with her theory about the Staten Island preschool aid. But the shocking part was just how wrong she was about Nicole, who was one of her closest allies in the game. So what gave her the impression that Nicole Anthony is a mole?

Big Brother Update: Jessica Milagros and Nicole Anthony Friendship

Watching this season back, one would think that outsiders Nicole Anthony and Jessica Milagros were aligned together. Considering they were in an actual alliance together. They talked plenty of game and spent a lot of time together this summer along with Kathryn Dunn. But Jessica wasn’t as trusting of Nicole as she was with Jessica. Especially when the rest of the Big Brother house was shunning her.

Although she was in the Big Brother alliance ‘Cliff’s Angels’ with Kat, Nicole, and Cliff Hogg III, she gravitated elsewhere. Instead of solidifying herself with the underdogs, Jessica seemed determined on trying to get in with a power alliance. Even though they put her on the block several times, it just didn’t matter, not even in the end when she was evicted. And afterward, she still can’t see it.

Jessica Calls Nicole a ‘Mole’ From ‘BB21’ Jury House

Each new Big Brother jury member gets do answer some BB fan questions upon arrival and Jessica Milagros was no different. But what was surprising about her interview, was just how wrong she was about her opinion of Nicole Anthony. When asked what one thing she would do differently looking back on her game from the jury.

Her answer was not that she should’ve targeted the majority alliance or made some bigger moves, it was to get rid of Nicole. The same Nicole who probably would have taken her further in the game than any of the other Big Brother players. She referred to Nicole as a “mole” and has the idea stuck in her head that Nicole Anthony was playing all sides of the house. Has anyone ever been so backward in the history of the game?

Big Brother: Fans Call Jessica Milagros ‘Clueless’

It seems that many Big Brother followers share the same opinion that Jessica Milagros is “clueless”. Her gameplay as a confused bystander in the house was once thought to be a strategy. But, now fans think it is actually her real self. She even said she should have kept Jack Matthews in the house, someone who actively wanted to target her. While there’s no way to be certain who she’ll vote for on finale night, it probably won’t be “double agent” Nicole Anthony.

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