‘Big Brother’: Southwest Airline Jokes with Kemi Faknule on Twitter and Goes Viral

Big Brother star Kemi Faknule is flying back to Los Angeles to reunite for the rest of the BB21 cast for the finale. Apparently, it’s her first time flying with Southwest Airlines and she wasn’t so sure about them. So, she let Twitter know about her concerns about the airline.

What Kemi must not have known, is that Southwest airlines has a well known since of humor. Southwest tweeted back about the ‘Shacker Bottle” confrontation that Kemi had with Jack Matthews on this season of Big Brother.

Big Brother: The Shaker Bottle Incident

There were a number of reasons Jack Matthews gave for disliking Kemi Faknule inside the Big Brother house. But the one thing he confronted her about seemed a little bit silly. Kemi had been leaving her protein shaker bottle in the fridge for several days until Jack had enough.

Jack, out of the blue, asked Kemi, “what is so special about you that you get to put it in there?” He told Kemi it was unfair of her to take up that space claiming, “what if we all put our shaker bottles in the fridge?” While Kemi removed the bottle from the Big Brother fridge, she didn’t seem fazed by bizarre demands.

Southwest Jokes With Kemi Faknule

With the Big Brother 21 finale less than two days away, the pre jurors are flying back for the live show. Kemi Faknule was flying on out to the finale on Southwest Airlines. She’s never flown on Southwest airline before. She shared her concerns with her Twitter fans and the airline responded.

“We’ll let you put your shaker bottle anywhere you want Kemi!” the company’s Twitter account responded. It was a clever joke at Jack Matthew’s expense that provided Kemi with more consideration than she had gotten while on Big Brother. 

Big Brother: Southwest is known for it’s sense of humor

The tweet from Southwest to Kemi Faknule got a lot of attention on social media. But it’s not the first time Southwest has gone viral. The airline allows it’s flight a lot of latitude in dealing with passengers, as long as it’s fun.

Flight attendant Mary Cobb practically does a stand-up routine when delivering her pre-flight safety instructions. Her delivery rivals any top comics and when posted on YouTube went viral with over 5 million views. Watch it below.


Saturday Night Live has even done skits with Southwest Airlines flight attendants and their wacky humor. If The Amazing Race‘s Team Fun ran an airline, it would probably be a lot like Southwest.

Now, Sarah (a representative for the airline) has made a tweet that is going viral. Big Brother fans were praising Sarah by saying “Sarah for BB21 and “Sarah for employee of the month”. Some former cast members even replied to the post including Paul Abrahamian from BB18 and BB19, Rachel Reilly from BB12 and BB13, and Ika Wong from BBCAN2 and BBCAN5. Maybe Southwest will be getting more fans booking flights with this one hilarious tweet.

As for Big Brother‘s Kemi Faknule and her concerns –  Southwest is almost always at the top of most consumer satisfaction polls. Which is amazing since they are considered a discount airline. It must be their wonderful and funny employees. Southwest is the favorite airline of Soap Dirt, and if Sarah wants to throw any points our way… we’ll send her our Rapid Rewards number.

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