‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown Told ‘Time to Grow Up and Move Out’?

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown recently got a taste of reality when told it’s time to act married and fly the Brown family nest. Billy and Ami Brown pride themselves on their wolf pack brood but it looks like they’ve had enough of togetherness lately.

Fans of this reality show from Discovery got to meet Gabe Brown’s new wife last week, Raquell Brown. After they married they moved into the Brown family’s home in Washington State.

Alaskan Bush People: Time for Gabe Brown to Fly the Nest

The Alaskan Bush People matriarch once loved nothing better than to be surrounded by her family. But it sounds like things might have changed.  According to a new report, both Billy Brown and Ami Brown seem to feel the walls are closing in on them in their crowded house. Gabe Brown is taking up too much room.

These parents still have the rest of the unmarried kids in their Washington home. Most of them are adults as well. It looks like Ma and Pa Brown put their foot down. Alaskan Bush People spoilers indicate the parents want Gabe and his wife Raquell Rose to move out.

ABP: Baby Will Make Three

The report also indicates that Gabe and Raquell are trying for a baby. But Ami and Billy won’t cause a financial hardship for Gabe with this request. It’s not like this Alaskan Bush People couple needs to save the money to get a place of their own – they have it.

So other than wanting to live with mom and dad there’s nothing holding them back. This probably comes as a surprise for veteran viewers of the show. Ami always wanted all her kids at home and around her.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown Went On Honeymoon for Four

Gabe Brown, 28, married Raquell, 19, back in January. Furthermore, they even took Ami and Billy Brown along on their honeymoon.  That’s how close Gabe is with his parents. Although, all the Brown kids tend to be close to their mom and dad. Even with blowups in the past, those Alaskan Bush People kids always come home.

Billy, 66, and Ami, 56, flew to Vegas with the newlyweds for their honeymoon. Then all four flew back home and Gabe Brown and his bride settled into the family’s house.

ABP: Ami Brown and Billy Brown – Kids Grow Up

The new report indicates the mindset for the Brown patriarch and matriarch is –  time’s up. Gabe Brown is now a married man and he needs to start acting like one. He’s not the first Alaskan Bush People offspring to marry and his brother already has him beat in the family department.

Noah Brown and his wife, Rhain Alisha, live in Colorado with their infant son Elijah. The baby was born at the end of February. Reports indicate they like living far apart from the Brown clan. Billy Brown purchased a cottage in Colorado a few years ago.

Now that cottage, worth $220K is Noah’s new home. Billy recently transferred the deed over to his son for $0. That’s quite the gift for Noah and his new little family.

Alaskan Bush People: Not Too Far From Nest

Apparently, Gabe Brown took the hint as he and his wife are busy looking for a home of their own. Unlike Noah who’s just fine with putting some distance between him and the family, Gabe is looking nearby his mom and dad’s place.  He wants to stay near the Brown brood.

Two of the Brown boys are now married. Then there’s Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown in a committed relationship with the Alaskan Bush People show’s field producer. Rumors that Bam Bam is engaged to Allison Kagan pop up now and then.

One rumor even has them secretly married. While they’ve been together for a few years, there’s nothing official on their relationship status other than the two of them are in a committed relationship.

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