‘Alaskan Bush People’: Gabe Brown’s Odd Bachelor Party Draws Attention

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown is about to get married in the new season, so two of his brothers step up to give him a bachelor party. While in real-time Gabe is not only a married man but he has a baby on the way with wife Raquell Rose Pantilla.

The Alaskan Bush People brothers know how to make bizarre concoctions to catch fish or assemble wires to zap bugs. While this comes naturally to these boys, it’s apparent throwing a bachelor party for Gabe does not.

Alaskan Bush People: Strange Gabe Brown Bachelor Party

A bachelor party doesn’t often involve digging in dirt or shooting off guns. So it seems this is out of Bear Brown and Noah Brown’s league. Yet they get together to throw an Alaskan Bush People bachelor party. Some might see this Gabe Brown party as sad. Especially after the staff at the club notice how odd this gathering looks.

A few of the folks who first notice that Gabe Brown’s bachelor party was out of the ordinary, shared this with the Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People cameras. They happened to be the staff working at the club.

Apparently, there were a few raised eyebrows. The brothers from Alaskan Bush People entered the club and announced their intentions. They claimed this is a bachelor party but that was about as lively as Gabe’s party got… making the announcement.

Noah Brown and Bear Brown led Gabe Brown into his surprise bachelor party. Alaskan Bush People fans waited to see who joined them for the party. But it soon became apparent the party included only the trio of brothers. Still, the two brothers seem intent on showing the third wolf pack brother a good time.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Gabe Brown - Noah Brown

What Was Missing From Strange Gathering?

But the party for Gabe wasn’t only missing people, it was missing music and entertainment as well. It seems Bear and Noah really didn’t have a clue about throwing a bachelor shindig.

The restaurant-bar where the Alaskan Bush People offspring held their party appeared completely void of customers. The staff told the Discovery Channel cameras that the bachelor parties they’ve hosted in the past usually include more people.

The staff also explained how traditional bachelor parties tend to be a bit more lively than this Alaskan Bush People trio gathering. Bear dressed up for the occasion in a red suit. But Gabe Brown and brother Noah wore the same clothes you always see them in.

It’s not known why papa Billy Brown or the other two Brown sons, Noah ‘Bam’ Brown and Matt Brown, didn’t come as party guests. So this leads to the question of why… just why did the Discovery Channel concoct this clip?

Alaskan Bush People: Looks Like Gabe Brown Learns New Game

At first, you might feel sorry for all three brothers but when they walk over to a shuffleboard game, things change. Bear explains to Gabe just what this shuffleboard table entails. Really?

By now it’s already been established that the Alaskan Bush People wolf pack spent a good amount of time in suburbia. So Gabe Brown appearing completely oblivious to this game, which has been around for decades, doesn’t seem to fly. It looks as if the show just won’t give up the premise of this wilderness family never living out of the woods.

The brothers just ate something and giggled over past outings together when looking for girls. Gabe Brown had to see one of those shuffleboard games during the nights out they reminisced about.

Other than a few tapping of the fists across the table, this could possibly be the most uneventful bachelor party in history. It looks like the show is really hurting for drama these days, as many fans’ comments suggest.

New episodes of the Alaskan Bush People air on Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST on the Discovery Channel.

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