‘Alaskan Bush People’: Is Bam Brown’s Girlfriend Allison Kagan a Glutton For Punishment?

Alaskan Bush People star Joshua “Bam” Brown continues to keep his long-term relationship with Allison Kagan under the radar, unlike his siblings. Very few pictures have surfaced of Bam Bam and his girlfriend, Allison Kagan, considering the two have been together for several years.

Bam met Allison on the set of the Alaskan Bush People. She was not only the field producer of this Discovery Channel show for a few seasons but her online resume indicates she directed several episodes as well. The way Bam describes meeting Allison sounds like love at first sight.

Alaskan Bush People: Joshua Bam Bam Brown Describes Epiphany

The 33-year-old son of the Alaskan Bush People tribe shared his feelings about Allison Kagan during an interview. Joshua poetically described how “she’s stirred something inside me and made my soul wake up”.

It also sounds like Joshua Bam Bam Brown is living life large these days with Allison by his side. Bam Brown and his girlfriend, who he calls Alli, made a unique home for themselves.

Allison and Bam Brown continue to refurbish a ferry boat into a houseboat, which Bam Brown reports is a “blast”. So it sounds as if Bam is on the water when he’s not with his Alaskan Bush People family. You’d probably find him with Alli Kagan putting their floating home together.

Alaskan Bush People: Joshua Bam Brown - Allison Kagan

Allison Kagan Treads Into Some Crazy Places

While not much is known about Allison Kagan, her resume reads like a woman who’s a glutton for punishment. While she found love with Bam from her Alaskan Bush People gig, she still had to deal with some craziness on that show.

Bam is probably the most level-headed out of the Brown family wolf pack. But as a field producer for this reality show, Allison had to deal with his siblings for sure. You have to admit they demonstrate rather odd and risky behaviors at times.

Anyone involved with the filming of the Alaskan Bush People had to witness some rather dangerous situations. Alaskan Bush People viewers watched these scenes unfold.

From Bear Brown swinging from tree to tree and Noah’s inventions using electricity, it looked a bit scary at times. But apparently not much deters Bam Brown’s girlfriend from surrounding herself with odd people. She has quite the resume under her belt that entails dealing with some rather strange-acting people in reality series.

Alaskan Bush People: Joshua Bam Bam Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Girlfriend Alli is a Reality Show Producer

Between the wolf pack howling and the strange accent the Brown family developed, these folks are far from a traditional family. Some crazy scenes came out of the Alaskan Bush People series. So it is safe to say Allison Kagan had her hands full.

Her resume also puts her as a producer for a few other popular reality shows. Instead of swinging from the trees, most people on the other reality TV shows swing from chandeliers. Allison Kagan has also done work as a producer for many networks, according to her resume.

In addition, it looks like Bam Brown’s soulmate has dealt with some bizarre scenes from several reality shows at times. But despite working with some odd people, Alli managed to help produce a few hit shows.

Will Bam Brown Bring Allison In Front of the Cameras of Discovery Channel Show?

Recent reports put Bam Brown not too happy with his parents from the Alaskan Bush People. It seems the second oldest son doesn’t like the way Billy Brown and Ami Brown treat his girlfriend. While filming the show Allison showed up in pictures with the family, like the one above with Ami.

But the latest reports suggest Allison Kagan was once considered the boss of Alaskan Bush People during filming. It seems the treatment she endures from Billy and Ami Brown stems from Alli being in charge of the show at one time.

So when it comes to Bam Brown’s parents’ alleged attitude, it looks like he won’t bring Alli around the Brown family. No details surfaced as to why they reportedly treat her differently than they do the other women Bam’s brothers dated and married.

While Allison Kagan is no longer listed as working on Alaskan Bush People, it doesn’t sound like Bam will bring Alli to the mountain. So getting a glimpse of Bam and Alli together on screen this season doesn’t sound like it’s in the cards.

Catch the new episodes of the Alaskan Bush People as the new season plays out, Wednesday nights on the Discovery Channel.

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