‘Alaskan Bush People’: Who Is Allison Kagan – Bam Brown’s Long-Time Girlfriend?

Alaskan Bush People director Allison Kagan is more of a behind-the-scenes star on the show where she met and fell in love with Joshua Bam-Bam Brown. But her name became well-known to those who follow Alaskan Bush People.

That’s because Allison Kagan is the long-time partner of Joshua “Bam-Bam” Brown. But you probably didn’t know that she’s also directed almost a dozen episodes of the Alaskan Bush People as a Discovery Channel producer.

Alaskan Bush People: Allison Kagan and Bam-Bam Brown Together Since 2016

Allison Kagan’s photos emerge now and then alongside Bam Brown. But you don’t get to see her on the Alaskan Bush People series. Although whether you know it or not, you’ve witnessed some of her handi-work on the show.

That’s because Allison Kagan worked as a field producer on few Alaskan Bush People seasons. Then she moved to the title of senior field producer and finally director.

Reports put Alison Kagan fitting right in with Bam-Bam Brown and his family. Pictures of her with Ami Brown surfaced while Bam’s mom went through treatment for her cancer. She was a great comfort to Ami, reports indicated. But then reports emerged suggesting something went south.

According to reports, Bam-Bam Brown didn’t like the way his Alaskan Bush People family, especially his parents treated Alli. Apparently this stemmed from Allison Kagan actually being their boss on the show. So, it seems Bam doesn’t bring Alli along when visiting the ABP homestead.

Originally Bam met Alli on Alaskan Bush People. First, they were friends but it didn’t take long for their relationship to blossom into romance. Bam Brown and Allison Kagan are still together today.

So, who is Allison Kagan, the woman who stole Bam’s heart back in November of 2016 and continues on with that relationship today?

Alaskan Bush People: Joshua Bam Brown - Allison Kagan

Alli – No Moss Grows Under Her Feet

Alli Kagan was born in 1973 and raised in New York state. She is now 46 years old.

Allison Kagan came to the Alaskan Bush People with quite the resume under her belt. After graduating from the University of New York at Albany, she used her degree in Communications and Film to get her start back in 1995 in local news stations.

Bam Brown’s girlfriend worked her way up through the ranks starting as an editor behind the scenes. She then landed gigs with bigger networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, Sports Channel, and ESPN.

Allison’s work brought her over to the cable channels. She worked in production for many cable networks. This includes Lifetime, Discovery, Bravo, Oprah Winfrey Network, and MTV. Shows like Alaskan Bush People.

Allison Kagan honed her skills toward reality shows like Teen Mom 2 and True Life. She then moved onto shows like 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After and Caribbean Life. Allison Kagan continued to move up the ladder. She continued to earn career titles that carried more responsibility along the way.

Alaskan Bush People: Allison’s Biggest Break to Date?

One of her biggest career moves is her job as the senior field producer for ABP on the Discovery Channel. From there, Allison directed 11 episodes of Alaskan Bush People. She also directed 11 episodes of 16 and Pregnant, along with a TV movie Submissive Wives.

Many of the shows still on the air, she helped create.

Allison has now branched out and started a company A Kagan Creative, where her title is executive producer and VP of Development.

Allison and Bam Bam Live on a Boat

So to say Bam Brown found himself an ambitious love interest, well, that’s probably an understatement. Allison and her Alaskan Bush People celeb partner purchased an old ferry boat “The Osprey” and renamed it “Fathom This”.

Alaskan Bush People - Fathom This - The Osprey - Ferry Boat - Bam Brown - Houseboat


Together they are taking a long journey to fix it up..

Alaskan Bush People: Bam Brown - Fathom This - The Osprey - Ferry Boat

When Noah is not on the North Star Ranch in Washington State filming his family’s show, he is back at home, working on the Ferry, with Ali.

The couple’s floating home is moored and today that’s in Charleston, South Carolina.

Alaskan Bush People: Is TV Bam’s Girlfriend’s Future?

Allison Kagan has many interest. She’s into music and loves to travel. Allison has traveled extensively the America’s mid-west along Route 66 visiting many iconic Americana destinations.

Allison Kagan

While Allison has a talent for television production, she also has a passion for permaculture gardening and design.

Permaculture design is the idea where you can design a self-contained garden (or even a forest) of perennial plants that will provide food without maintenance and may also provide other functions. Imagine having a garden in your backyard that requires little maintenance, yet provides you a year-round supply of food.

Allison became a certified permaculture designer in 2018 by The Permaculture Research Institue of Australia. She now consults and works with clients worldwide creating food producing ecosystems.

It’s possible that one day, Allison will step away from her successful television career and pursue her permaculture passion.

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