‘Alaskan Bush People’: Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown Working on Anger Management?

Alaskan Bush People star Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has demonstrated a little bit of a temper so far this season on the family’s mountain. One of Bam’s most recent outbreaks seemed to be aimed at his brother Gabe Brown. But it’s not the first bout of angst for the second oldest Alaskan Bush People son.

If Bam Bam Brown appears to have a chip on his shoulder this season, there may be a reason. Theories as to the foundation of his angst surfaced online. So, if they hold any water it might explain why this brother seems a bit more agitated than usual at his family this season.

Since the Alaskan Bush People first aired on TV, Bam Brown broke out as a fan favorite. He has no silliness about him like some of his siblings. The more mature-acting brother sometimes seems fed-up with what he sees from his siblings. Much like his recent friction with Gabe.

But this season he seems to correct himself after he demonstrates that agitation towards his siblings. It’s almost as if he’s done some work around this.

Alaskan Bush People: Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown Puts On the Pressure

As the Alaskan Bush People offspring worked on their homes, Bam Bam Brown hadn’t done much of anything on his yet. Billy Brown told his son how he had concerns that he lagged behind his siblings. He also tried to get Joshua to let his siblings help him during this father-son talk.

Gabe dropped his own Alaskan Bush People work to head over to Bam’s building site. While Bam Brown operated the bulldozer, he shot orders at his brother. Fans noted online how at one point Gabe seemed to do all the work while Bam Bam complained over each step his brother took.

Then Gabe made a mistake, which could have proved dangerous. But his brother in the bulldozer seemed to take this opportunity to prove a point. He said how it’s better if he works alone than with one of his family members.

When Bam helped assemble the Alaskan Bush People windmill, he also found fault in his siblings’ work. Again, fans saw Bam Brown with an undercurrent about him.

Backpedals a Bit

In a recent episode, Bam Brown complained almost the entire time his Alaskan Bush People brother helped him clear his land. He even dismissed his brother Gabe and said he’d do the work on his own. But Bam Brown soon found out that clearing his building lot wasn’t a one-man job.

Then Gabe came back to help him without so much as a word of resentment for the way his brother had just treated him. Bam then backpedaled on his initial behavior with his explanation. He talked into the Discovery Channel camera to share these thoughts.

It appears he sees the value in sharing the work with family even if it isn’t always done to his specifications. He also said there’s nothing more important than the family. Does it sound as if Bam Brown might have some anger management skills under his belt?

Bam is the second oldest of the Alaskan Bush People siblings. Without Matt Brown on the show so far this season, he steps in as the oldest sibling on the mountain. While Joshua talked about attempting to keep calm and cool each day, he said that he does slip sometimes. But in the end he remembers it’s family that’s important.

What the Alaskan Bush People episodes viewers watch today filmed several months ago. Reports from that time may shed some light on Bam’s mindset as the episodes rolled out this season.

Alaskan Bush People: Root of Angst This Season?

Bam Brown’s long-time girlfriend Allison Kagan hasn’t shown up on the Alaskan Bush People so far. Reports from this summer while they filmed the show indicated Allison won’t be part of the show this season.

This Alaskan Bush People celeb met Allison when she worked as a field producer for the show. Reports put Ami and Billy at odds with Allison. Those reports stem back from the timeline when they filmed this season. They indicate the family saw Ali as their boss on the show and that’s where the animosity supposedly grew from.

Reports indicate that Bam Bam Brown doesn’t like the way his parents treat Allison. Although when Ami was sick, pictures emerged of her with Allison looking very friendly. So, no one knows for sure just where they stand as Bam himself has not addressed this issue with his online followers.

But no matter how Bam got to the point of this negativity on the show this season, it seems he picked up the skills to help him with it along the way. Whether he found that it in books, tapes, from a friend, or a professional, Bam seems to recognize the error of his ways.

He also explained how he attempts to keep himself in check each day and if he falters, he puts himself back on track.

Catch a new episode of Alaskan Bush People on Wednesday night on Discovery Channel.

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