’90 Day Fiance’: Steven Can’t Stand Leida – Is Tasha To Blame for Drama on Tell All?

90 Day Fiance may be over, but Steven Frend has something to say about Leida Margaretha‘s behavior at the reunion. Throughout the season, Leida found herself in numerous fights with Eric Rosenbrook’s daughter, Tasha. The fights continue as she and Tasha Rosenbrook get into an argument during the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. Steven Frend says he doesn’t agree with how she treats his middle child. However, is Tasha to blame for their arguments?

90 Day Fiance: Steven Frend Doesn’t Respect Leida Margaretha

On social media, Steven Frend gave his thoughts about a recent collaboration Leida did with a vegan teeth whitening kit company. An Instagram user replied to Steven Frend stating that she is not worth his time. The comment got numerous replies. Steven replied back with “I can’t stand Leida or however you spell that name.” It is clear that Steven is not a fan of her.

In the same comment, the 90 Day Fiance star states that he lost respect for Leida Margaretha when he saw how she treated Tasha Rosenbrook at the Tell All. Steven Frend witnessed the argument that took place at the reunion. Clearly, he doesn’t agree with how she handled things with Tasha. He wants to make it plain that he did not stand up for Leida. Instead, he stood up to her.

Leida Margaretha Fights With Tasha Rosenbrook At Tell All

From the very beginning of 90 Day Fiance, Leida Margaretha and Tasha Rosenbrook never got along. The first time the two met it was very awkward. Ever since then, their relationship has been filled with arguments and name calling. It was obvious that the two were never going to get along.

During the reunion, Leida and Tasha got into a heated argument about their relationship on the show. Leida Margaretha explains that Tasha would call her names first. She believes that the reason why they fight is due to Tasha’s behavior. She puts all the blame on Tasha. Even though Tasha appears only via Skype on the TLC season wrap-up, things are still nasty between Eric’s daughter and her Indonesian stepmom.


Tasha’s Relationship With Father Damaged

Ever since Leida Margaretha came to America on 90 Day Fiance, she wanted Tasha out of their apartment. Leida calls Tasha messy, which is why she can’t live with her. With the help of Eric Rosenbrook, Leida kicks Tasha out. His daughter thinks he took Leida’s side over her. To show that she was hurt and angry, Tasha Rosenbrook retaliated by skipping out on her father’s wedding.

Her older sister Tenile stayed away as well, out of loyalty. Only youngest, Jennica Rosenbrook, showed for her dad. It’s pretty clear that Eric’s daughters aren’t happy with him and their relationships are damaged, if not broken. Steven Frend noticed and made it clear on Instagram that he’s Team Tasha.

At the 90 Day Fiance Tell All, Tasha explains that she never once told her father that he had to pick between her and his new wife. She stated that she never said, “oh hey, it’s either me or your mail order bride.” However, after certain events occurred it is obvious that Eric picked Leida. But now it seems like the only one on Leida’s side is her husband.

Tasha Rosenbrook is against her as are a lot of TLC fans that have spoken up online. Joining their voices is Steven Frend who didn’t like what he saw of Leida Margaretha at the reunion special. Words like “can’t stand” and “lost my respect” are strong and certain. What do you think? Does Leifa Margaretha’s behavior bother you? Don’t miss the 90 Day Fiance Tell All this Sunday on TLC.

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