’90 Day Fiance’: Tasha Denies Faking Feud With Leida For Ratings – Says The Hate Is Real!

90 Day Fiance stars Leida Margaretha continues to butt heads with Tasha Rosenbrook. She and Eric Rosenbrook‘s daughter seem to be constantly at each other’s throats. The 29-year-old Indonesian has been very vocal about her issues with her step-daughter, both on the show and in real life on social media. But new reports allege that the highly-publicized feud between the two might be fake. If that is the case, then fans are definitely in for more lies and dramas.

90 Day Fiance: Tasha Rosenbrook Defends Leida Margaretha From Haters?

Looks like Tasha Rosenbrook has had enough of all the hateful remarks about Leida Margaretha. The eldest daughter of Eric Rosenbrook seems to defend her 90 Day Fiance step-mother from online haters who continue to bombard her with criticism and mean comments.

Earlier this week, the Jakarta native posted what looks like a promotional ad for a teeth whitening kit product. Since Leida was dropped and denied by many endorsers lately, 90 Day Fiance followers instantly mocked her post calling her fake and other insults.

Surprisingly, Leida’s alleged number one enemy — at least on the show — came to her defense. Tasha called out those who keep on ridiculing her step-mom every time she posts something on social media


In her comment, Tasha Rosenbrook bluntly wrote, “Y’all let her do what she wants”. Her statement was quickly flooded with speculations about the real score between her and Leida. Some questioned the real deal between her and Leida. Others even went as far as accusing Eric’s daughter of faking the feud all along.

Leaked Messages Suggest Tasha Faked Leida Fights For TLC Ratings

Interestingly, leaked information points to she and Leida Margaretha not being mortal enemies like people perceived on the show. The 90 Day Fiance and her step-daughter are famous for their bickering, but that might be all just for show. In a series of text messages released by an unknown source, Tasha, who also goes by the name Alari Rosenbrook, texted, “Sorry, I missed you guys”.


Leida, a.k.a. Aya Cohenstein Rosenbrook, supposedly responded with, “Wish you were here.” The alleged exchange of messages is a far cry from the constant bickering that viewers saw on 90 Day Fiance.

The same source also claimed that the messages were sent roughly two months after filming. Could it be that Tasha and Leida reconciled for the sake of Eric? Or were they only faking the feud for publicity?

90 Day Fiance: Tasha Denies Accusations – Says They Don’t Get Along

Despite the evidence spreading online, Tasha Rosenbrook vehemently denies that she and Leida Margaretha are friendly. In a series of posts, she clarified that she is still not on good terms with her father and his wife. “The three of us are not on good terms,” Tasha reiterates. Then she added: “And we probably never will be”.


However, the young cosplayer was quick to say she wasn’t defending Leida out of friendship. Instead, Tasha noted: “I did it because I’m an actual glam being”. She added that no matter what anyone does to her, “I will always want them to live a happy life.” 90 Day Fiance Eric’s estranged daughter adds that she was literally faking being friends with Leida for the sake of her dad.

Tasha Says Feud With Leida And Eric Is Painful

Tasha Rosenbrook also revealed that her feud with Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha brought her “heartbreak and tears”. In another post, Tasha opens up about the hardships brought by the situation.

The outspoken teen seems emotional as she confessed that she suffered from anxiety attacks and depression. She even reached the point where she stopped eating for two weeks and got hospitalized. “I can fake a smile. But I cannot fake heartbreak and tears,” Tasha admitted. So far, Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook have yet to address Tasha Rosenbrook’s latest statement.

More strife is promised on this week’s Tell All Part One, but is the drama between Leida Margaretha and Tasha Rosenbrook for real – or for ratings?leaked mss

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