’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Eric Gets Awful Wedding RSVP About Leida

90 Day Fiance spoilers suggest Eric Rosenbrook has an uphill battle with his family as he prepares to marry Leida Margaretha. It’s not known if it’s Eric or the editing by the 90 Day Fiance folks that should get the blame. But it looks as if Eric is tossing all previous family members to the wayside. So far this season, it looks like Eric Rosenbrook picks his new family over his daughter, Tasha Rosenbrook, and the rest of his old family.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha Wedding RSVP

From what the fans got to see last week, Leida is the boss. 90 Day Fiance spoilers have shown it appears Leida Margaretha is driving the bus on Eric’s decision toward his old family. She offers constant reminders to Eric. She lets him know that she should come first.

Leida has met with verbal attacks across the social media sites for her behaviors. When Leida looked into the 90 Day Fiance cameras during a recent episode and said the others don’t matter, many fans didn’t like that she was talking about Eric’s kids.

Viewers of the 90 Day Fiance show don’t need to be reminded about Leida’s actions to know Leida trumps all in Eric’s life. Leida appears to come first in Eric’s book over everyone else. This also includes his kids from a previous marriage. On this Sunday night’s episode, “Where the Truth Lies,” viewers will see Eric receive one of the worst wedding RSVPs ever caught on camera.

Tasha Rosenbrook Has Other Ideas for Leida

Eric Rosenbrook is seen on the 90 Day Fiance clip sitting in a restaurant with his two oldest daughters. He is begging the girls to come to his wedding. His oldest daughter doesn’t say anything in the clip, but Tasha Rosenbrook sure does. It is easy to see she’s holding a grudge about being ousted from the apartment. It’s the home she first had before her father moved in.

The clip shows Eric saying to his daughter Tasha, “sorry it had to happen.” Then Tasha immediately follows with “you don’t seem too sorry about it.” The clip also shows Tasha Rosenbrook alone speaking to the camera. She says, “It’s hard for me to believe he is sorry when he’s the one that booted me to the street.”

Not Your Typical Father – Daughter Quality Time

Apparently, Tasha is referring to her father kicking her out of the apartment. Then on the screen, you see Eric and Tasha continuing their talk at the restaurant table. Tasha then tells her father her plans. She says, “I’m sorry but I really don’t think I can go to your wedding.” That’s the nicest this RSVP gets from Tasha directed at her father.

Eric will not take no for an answer on 90 Day Fiance. He tells both his daughter’s sitting at the table. ‘I really want you guys at the wedding, it’s important.” Tasha continues to do all the talking in this clip. She tells Eric, “she [Leida Margaretha] really shouldn’t be in this country anyway.” Tasha ends that conversation with “she should get the f**k out.” Again, Tasha is referring to Leida and her wish that Leida Margaretha would go back to her own country.

Just ‘No’- Not Happening

There you have it, it’s one wedding RSVP for the books. Tasha Rosenbrook made it very clear that she doesn’t plan to attend her father’s wedding. As far as Tasha is concerned, her father picked Leida over her on 90 Day Fiance. It also looks like she might be making Eric pay for that mistake.

Will all the RSVPs to Eric and Leida’s wedding come with apprehension? Leida’s rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way so those wedding RSVPs might mirror those feelings. It’s apparent that Tasha’s RSVP did.

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