’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Kalani Watches Asuelu Grovel – Colt Gets Warning About Larissa

90 Day Fiance stars Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa try to soften her sister’s attitude when the episode “I Know What You Did” airs on Sunday. Animal lovers will keep an eye on Colt Johnson‘s love interest, Larissa Christina, to make sure the fur literally doesn’t fly. Fans may also secretly wish for Cookie Dough’s claws to emerge.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina have a trio at home, as Colt’s mom Debbie lives with her son. It looks like Colt is a package deal and this is something Larissa needs to get used to.

Grown men cry, drinks fly, and extended family members become a threat to romance on the next episode on TLC, Sunday, October 1. Friends show up with warnings and family members muddy the waters for several of the 90 Day Fiance couples.

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina

It looks like Colt Johnson not only has to worry about Larissa Christina getting along with his mom Debbie Johnson but his cats as well. Colt’s good friends show up this week and offer advice that instantly sours Larissa’s face.

Breaking News: Larissa was arrested Last night, read the details of her arrest.

It looks like Larissa is tolerating this visit from a friend and the woman who came with him. That is until the guy tells Colt, “you can always break this off.” Apparently, he is referring to his engagement to Larissa. This brings an unhappy grimace to Larissa’s face.

While out of earshot of Colt and Larissa, the guy tells the camera that he sees Colt as naive. He also makes the observation that Larissa is a gold digger. But a quick look around Colt and Debbie’s home doesn’t seem to substantiate that claim. They don’t even have furniture in their living room. There’s not much gold to dig there, or at least that’s what it looks like.

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa Attempt to Soften Family

90 Day Fiance shows Asuelu continues his time under a microscope. While viewers watch him squirm, peering down from the other end of the scope is Kalani’s father, along with her sister. On Sunday night’s episode, Asuela breaks down crying.

Kalani’s sister, Kolini Faagata, actually tells Asuela she “hates” him. The reason – he cheated on Kalani while she was pregnant. Kalani and Kolini are actually crying as well while the trio sits down attempting to make some headway on family harmony.

Sunday night Asuelu tells his side of the story to Kolini in an attempt to get her to give him a chance. He tells Kolini that he wants to prove himself to both her and the family. But it looks like the young man from Samoa has quite the task ahead of him.

Although Kalani already let Kolini know that Asuela didn’t actually cheat on her, it doesn’t seem to make too much difference to Kolini. It seems that Kalani and Asuelu were broken up at the time he was with another woman, which is something Kalani neglected to tell her sister. But all Kolini can think about was that this occurred while her sister was carrying Asuelu’s baby.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Party Hearty on 90 Day Fiance

Jay Smith gets quite the welcoming from Ashley Martson and her friends. It’s a party on this week’s episode, held in honor of Jay’s coming to America from Jamacia. It is easy to see this energetic 20-year-old is apt to become the life of the party no matter where he goes.

This week viewers get to see Jay confront Ashley’s best friend Natalie, who told Ashley that Jay was cheating on her. From the previews, it doesn’t look as if Natalie is ready to back off her resistance to Jay and Ashley’s pending marriage.

It doesn’t look as if Jay has that same problem with Ashley’s other friends as they all gather around him and dance on the next 90 Day Fiance episode. Ashley Martson and Jay Smith soon realize that life is more than just a party.

90 Day Fiance – Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

Eric Rosenbrook navigates through Leida Margaretha and her tendency to get her own way. Not to mention her extended family members, who descend upon him in a pack. It looks like he’s got his work cut out for him.

On this Sunday night’s episode, Eric attempts to court the woman he plans to marry. But obstacles upon obstacles get in his way. If he doesn’t impress Leida’s parents and sister by supplying Leida with a lifestyle they approve of, she goes back to Indonesia.

It doesn’t look as if Eric is doing such a good job at that. In the previews for this Sunday’s episode, Leida is crying. She says “I don’t feel at home at all” and “I want to go back.” Eric put his foot down about Leida learning to live a new way of life when speaking into the camera alone.

That changes quickly as it appears Eric is kowtowing to Leida a bit on the next 90 Day Fiance Episode. After their stay in NYC, they finally arrive at his apartment and the place is a disaster. You can see why Leida suggests a maid. Do Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha have a chance?


90 Day Fiance – Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores

It looks like Jonathan Rivera is going to need a good pair of sneakers. That is if Fernanda Flores continues to sprint away when things go wrong. On this Sunday’s episode, Jonathan is seen running down the street after his Mexican beauty and she’s fuming mad.

Before you see Jonathan galloping behind Fernanda begging for mercy, there was quite the scene on a dance floor. At a nightclub, it looks like Jonathan is dancing with a friend. While it’s dancing, there’s still some rather risque moves witnessed and Fernanda flies off the handle.

Fernanda’s temper got the best of her and she pushes the woman, as a drink goes flying. This starts her off on that trot down the street with Jonathan not far behind. It looks like Jonathan has his hands full with Fernanda, who has a streak of jealousy about her. It also looks like Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores might do some more jogging in future episodes.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova and Baby Makes Three

Steven Frend wants to be in the room when Olga Koshimbetova gives birth to their baby. But this week on 90 Day Fiance, Steven finds things are done a bit differently in Russia than they are in the US.

Olga’s in labor and as she preps to go into the maternity ward, she tells Steven he can’t go with her just yet. Steven looks into the camera and promises “all hell will be raised” if he can’t go into the room and watch the birth of his “kid.”

While Olga’s pain appears to escalate, it looks like the new mother-to-be is in no mood to sooth Steven’s concerns. Olga looks desperate to get the birthing process underway. On Sunday night’s show, fans will find out just how far Steven’s demands get him. Will he get into the delivery room as he planned?

Tune in Sunday night to TLC at 8 pm EST and watch as these couples attempt to make their 90 Day Fiance plan work.

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