’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Shuts-Up Her Friend – Jay’s Into Tattoos Not Babies

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson has “one crazy” friend claims Jay Smith when describing her group of friends in a recent interview. That “one crazy” friend of Ashley’s is apparently Natalie, who didn’t seem to want Ashley engaged to Jay.

90 Day Fiance – Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

TLC kicks off two back to back episodes of 90 Day Fiance on Sunday as the new season rolls on. After Sunday night’s shows, the fans of the new season should get a better handle on Ashley and Jay. They’re a couple with an 11-year age difference.

Ashley defended Jay during this recent interview, right down to the cheating accusations made by her closest friend Natalie. When Ashley said on 90 Day Fiance that she didn’t care if Jay was cheating, that wasn’t how she really felt, she now says.

90 Day Fiance – How Ashley Martson Gets Best Friend to Shut Up

Apparently, she said it to get Natalie to shut up about it. Ashley Martson said:

“I said all that so Natalie would shut up about the cheating. Never was or is it okay for him to cheat on me. As a friend, it’s your job to address a concern you have with a friend, If they choose to dismiss your concerns then you should just support their decisions in life. That’s what real friends do.”

Looks Like Ashley Martson is Irritated By Friend

Ashley also said, that she “was sick of hearing her mouth, so I choose to explain to her it isn’t her business and ultimately state we had an open relationship.” She then added that Natalie couldn’t say any more about it after that. She also reports that her plan worked.

Jay’s take on Natalie is that she was jealous of Ashley. He also said that she needs to “stay in her lane.” As far as a previous serious relationship for Jay, one doesn’t exist. He just ran around Jamaica a free and single man. There was no one out there that made him want an exclusive relationship. That is until… Ashley.

Looks Like Jay Smith is Into Tattoos, Not Kids

With Jay only 20-years-old, it was inevitable someone asks if the two plan on having kids. So when asked during the 90 Day Fiance interview it wasn’t something he sees in his immediate future.  At the moment planning kids together isn’t on the couple’s scope. Jay plans on opening a tattoo shop in America, the tattoos are in his future, not kids at this point in time.

While the interview addressed the age difference between the two, it doesn’t seem as if they think about this. Ashley chirped in by saying they “are both young and full of life.” She also said when some call her immature for thinking this way, she calls it “living our lives to the fullest.” Ashley makes sure to add – “we’re happy.”

The 10-year-plus age difference isn’t a problem for Ashley and Jay today, but will it be in another decade or two? Ashely appears more focused on the present than the future when it comes to her and Jay.

90 Day Fiance – Jay Smith Sees Ashley as Knowing Her Self-Worth

Ashley doesn’t see their age difference having any impact on their relationship. Although Jay seems a bit mature for his 20-years by some of what he shared in his recent interview.

Jay seemed to offer a mature answer when asked about Ashley’s past relationships on 90 Day Fiance. Since she’s broken off two previous engagements, Jay was asked if he worried about that happening with him.

He believed Ashley knew she was treated “poorly” in those relationships. That’s when he conveyed how he would be more concerned if she had stayed and taken the treatment. He also said that she “knows her self-worth.” She proved it by moving on from the relationships that caused her pain.

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