’90 Day Fiance’ Update: Colt ‘Too Clingy’ Claims Wife, Larissa – Married 5-Months

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson put himself in quite the predicament when bringing Larissa Christina home to his mother. It was a strange family dynamic that played out with Debbie Johnson. But, that was a while ago, so did they figure this out?

Larissa recently gave an update in real-time during a Q&A segment on social media. The Brazilain beauty offered up information that updates the couple’s journey since 90 Days Fiance filmed. They’ve gotten to know each other a little better and she offered quite the critique on Colt.

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina

What you are watching on 90 Day Fiance is basically history for Colt, Larissa, and Debbie Johnson. The new season’s episodes filmed months and months ago. For that reason and a few others, Larissa offered a social media question and answer session recently.

Besides updating the couple, Larissa shared how she first thought Colt was an American celebrity. She actually said “superstar.” While she didn’t elaborate on this, it was probably due to the cameras that met her at the airport. Then the cameras rolled throughout their time together from the time she stepped off the plane.

90 Day Fiance – Larissa Christina Saw ‘Superstar’

While she first thought Colt held celebrity status, there were enough red flags to spoil that picture almost immediately. Just getting into the older car that Colt shares with his mother would clue anybody in.

Larissa also shared the qualities she likes the most about Colt Johnson. Then she shared a few of the things she didn’t find so enticing about her American man. It looks like Larissa appreciates Colt because he’s so completely different than she is.

Colt Johnson has Great Skills

Larissa claims Colt is not only smart but he is funny. She’s amazed at his great skills and she “loves his personality.” She also likes that he is quiet. In her country he would not be considered ugly, he is quite the opposite, she said.

Colt Johnson Gets Critiqued

So far Larissa does have a list of things about Colt that annoys her like he’s “too clingy.” She also believes he needs to become more independent. Well, he is a self-professed “mama’s boy” and his mother did everything for him most of his life. This might be a tough nut to crack.

Another thing she tagged as less than appealing is how Colt gets upset very easily. So what does Larissa have to say about his mother Debbie? There’s a good chance that Larissa wanting him to become more independent had to do with Debbie.

90 Day Fiance – Debbie Johnson Does it All

Colt’s mom is still cooking and cleaning for her grown boy.  Larissa did say on Sunday’s show that she got worried when she heard he lived with his mother. She was insistent that they get their own place. Larissa said, that it’s “not good for a relationship always living under Mommy’s skirt.”

Larissa took to social media to dispell the rumors that she and Colt have split. It is quite the opposite. She claims that they are “stronger” than ever right now.

Colt Johnson Needs to Be More Independent Says Larissa Christina

Not only did Larissa Christina dish on her likes and dislikes about Colt, but she also said that she reads his messages. If fans write him messages she reads them. She once again stated that despite choosing not to flaunt their relationship, they are still together and “strong.”

Other than a gripe about Colt needing to become more independent there’s not much that is linked to Debbie Johnson, Colt’s mom. Although Larissa Christina has made herself clear how they need a place of their own, it does sound as if he might still be with his mom. Of course, that goes for Larissa too. As of September, reports put the trio together still in the same rental home that Larissa calls “too small.”

Colt also hinted on his Instagram Q&A gig that a move might happen “sooner rather than later. So maybe they did get another house or in the process of doing so. But the question – Is mom with you? Has gone unanswered.

90 Day Fiance – Marriage and Mom?

It’s most likely that the 90 Day Fiance couples can’t spill the beans on whether they’ve gotten married or not until after the filming. But it looks like a marriage license is enough proof to say they are.

Colt and Larissa’s marriage was recorded on June 25, 2018, in Clark County, Las Vegas. Soap Dirt has confirmed this. But Colt and Larissa probably won’t announce anything officially until after the 90 Day Fiance season ends.

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