’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Jonathan, Age 32, Loves Jealous Teen, Fernanda

90 Day Fiance season 6 will show Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores. The TLC series airs their first episode Sunday night. The 32-year-old Jonathan has his hands full with Fernanda Flores,19. It looks like Jonathan’s fiancee has a jealous streak, one that comes with a load of drama.

90 Day Fiance Jonathan Rivera Deals with a Jealous Fernanda Flores

The 13-year-age difference between Jonathan and Fernanda Flores isn’t the main problem. It seems this teen is prone to jealousy. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fernanda threw a woman’s drink when she thought the woman was flirting with Jonathan.


Next, Fernanda is seen asking a question in a demanding sort of way about this woman.  She asks him: “Who is she?” If you want drama, it looks like 90 Days Fiance might have another Darcey Silva on their hands.

Fernanda and Jonathan Rivera

So far fans have only seen clips of the couples, but Fernanda is extremely animated in these clips. In another scene, she’s seen crying and as the tears stream she tells Jonathan, “I’m here in another country for you!” So what’s up with this couple?

Jonathan Rivera lives in North Carolina and on Sunday night’s episode, his fiancee Fernanda gets ready to make her way to the US from Mexico. With her K1 visa in hand, Fernanda Flores is ready to take the giant step into matrimony after knowing him for only a short time.


90 Day Fiance – Jonathan Rivera a Die-Hard Bachelor

He met Fernanda Flores in a club while he was in Mexico. This prompted him to extend his vacation a few extra days. After only three months of long-distance dating, he popped the question.

It looks like this bachelor is in for a rude awakening when it comes to settling down with her. Jonathan Rivera already got a taste of her jealousy when she threw that drink. He’s not used to answering to someone else, so this will probably be a crash course for him.

Jonathan and Fernanda Flores – 13-Year Age Difference

It seems Jonathan is worried about the 13-year age difference. Furthermore, Fernando doesn’t help matters much by teasing him that he robbed her of her youth because she’s engaged at such a young age.

The drama is promised for tonight’s show as 90 Day Fiance airs the first episode of season 6 – “The Clock is Ticking.” According to the 90 Days Fiance spoilers. Everyone is on edge as the foreign partners get ready to make the move to America.

90 Day Fiance – Cast Deal with Cynical Family Members and Friends

The spoilers suggest all the cast members for this season face cynical members of their family. This comes along with stressful visa situations some endure. It is also teased that one woman arrives in the US and is shocked over the living conditions of her 90 Day Fiance partner. Is it Fernanda Flores

It seems her answer to this problem is going to cost a ton of money, which is something Jonathan Rivera doesn’t have. There are disappointments tonight when some of the foreign cast members have American visions dancing in their heads that don’t fit the reality.

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