’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan Rivera Takes Legal Action Against Fernanda Over Abuse Claims

90 Day Fiance alum Jonathan Rivera is not keeping quiet amid abuse claims against him by Fernanda Flores. The real estate agent is not taking his ex-wife’s allegations lightly and he’s taking legal actions. Fernanda has been billing herself as a domestic abuse survivor but Jonathan claims it’s bogus. So who’s telling the truth?

90 Day Fiance Update: Jonathan Rivera Breaks Silence On Fernanda Flores’ Abuse Claims

Looks like the drama between Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores is still far from being over. The 90 Day Fiance ex-couple might cross paths again, this time, in court. The Chicago-based realtor is allegedly considering filing a lawsuit against his former spouse after she accused him of domestic violence.

Fernanda Flores will take part in an event where she’s expected to discuss her alleged abusive relationship with Jonathan Rivera. The Mexican babe even has a flier going around, describing herself as a “survivor of domestic violence”. But Jonathan isn’t having any of Fernanda’s jabs against him.


Are Abuse Allegations All For A Green Card?

In an interview with AfterBuzz TV, Jonathan Rivera maintained that he never laid a hand on Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance star claimed that there’s a bigger reason why his estranged wife is making claims that she was abused. Jonathan alleged that Fernanda made up the accusations for her to have a shot at getting a green card.

Jonathan Rivera says he was aware early on the relationship that Fernanda only wanted U.S. citizenship and modeling career. Apparently, Fernanda Flores learned that claims of abuse would allow her to stay in the United States for good. Jonathan added that Fernanda was told about the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and she’s now using it against him. Basically, the law says that a person claiming to be abused can’t be deported if the K-1 visa relationship fails.

Despite Fernanda’s claims, Jonathan insisted that he’s innocent, adding that there’s not a single proof to support her allegations.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Claims Fernanda Was The Abusive One

Interestingly, Jonathan Rivera claimed Fernanda Flores was the abusive one. The 90 Day Fiance celeb alleged that his much younger spouse was “violent and aggressive” during their marriage. Jon said in the interview that Fern has punched him in the face many times.

Jonathan also says that he tried to give Fernanda everything but it just wasn’t enough for her. The reality star allegedly paid for his ex-wife’s apartment, college tuition fees, boob job, and supported her modeling dreams. He also says he gave her $20,000 to startup a business and she lost interest pretty quickly.

More Dirt Revealed

Jonathan Rivera goes on to expose more dirt on Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance star pointed out that the Mexico native has never told her parents or the show’s producers about the alleged abuse because “there’s nothing to tell. Jonathan also claimed he made “multiple requests during the season to not show footages of Fern acting out,” which TLC honored.

Additionally, a person close to Jonathan said that Fernanda was caught “sexting with a female friend” back in Mexico. Apparently, she apologized profusely after the incident and asked Jon for another chance.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan To File A Defamation Lawsuit Against Fernanda

Meanwhile, Jonathan Rivera revealed that his legal team already issued a cease and desist letter to Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance former cast member seems determined to get back at his ex legally. “We’re prepared to file a lawsuit for defamation,” Jonathan supposedly declared.

Despite their issues, Jonathan claimed he is will not try to stop Fernanda’s upcoming speaking gig. He has no plans on reaching out to her either. So far, Fern has yet to react to Jonathan’s latest remarks about her.

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