90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Blocks Fernanda on Instagram After War of Words

90 Day Fiance Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores threw new bombshells in a war of words this weekend and now he’s blocked her on Instagram. These two are a hot topic among fans. Their highly publicized split generates fresh intrigue on a daily basis.

Fernanda took full advantage of the publicity to try and launch a modeling career. Meanwhile, Jonathan benefited from the extra attention as well. There is still lingering hope among some fans that they might reconcile. But this new social media strife may be the final nail in their couple coffin.

90 Day Fiance News: Jonathan Rivera Blocks Fernanda Flores

There has been a lot of back and forth between the exes on social media. At one point, Fernanda took a break from social entirely. She returned with updates on her modeling career and the announcement that she launched a YouTube channel. There’s a lot of he-said, she-said about their split. Each blames the other. Between the back and forth, it’s difficult to know what really went down with them.

One big sign is that Jonathan Rivera just blocked his former 90 Day Fiance on Instagram. Does this finally signal the end for the couple? Even with all the drama between them, they stayed connected on various social platforms. In a recent post written in Spanish, Fernanda Flores said she’s “tired of being quiet” and fed up with “hoping to repair the irreparable”.

Jonathan hit like on the post and responded with “Good for you” but whether that was genuine or sarcastic is up for interpretation. Still, throughout all of this, there was an open line of communication – no matter how snarky. So, the fact that Jonathan blocked his young wife speaks volumes in terms of where things stand. Looks like he’s cutting ties!

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Immature or Just Moving on With His Life?

One huge issue with the pair from the very beginning was their age gap. Comments on Jonathan robbing the cradle to Fernanda’s level of maturity has been fair game online. Interestingly, after Jonathan blocked Fernanda, it looks like the tables turned. In response, the 90 Day Fiance wrote: “Who likes to hear the true? First time that I say something. I got blocked! Very mature.”

Perhaps Jonathan had enough of the bickering and drama. It certainly looks like this could be the final straw for the former couple. Nonetheless, Fernanda’s choice of words is interesting. The age difference between the couple has been a hot-button issue the entire time. It looks like Fernanda is taking one of the things she was most criticized for and pinning it on Jonathan after his latest move. Did she get the last laugh?


What’s Next for Jon Rivera and Fernanda?

Despite some lingering unresolved issues, it certainly looks like both Fernanda Flores and Jon Rivera are moving on from their time on 90 Day Fiance. Fernanda is busy trying to make a modeling career happen and promoting a YouTube channel that has just two videos (both a month old). Meanwhile, Jonathan is posting dapper IG photos.

Interestingly, Fernanda was recently in Chicago (Jonathan’s hometown). She asked her fans and followers if she should do a meet and greet while there. Her trip to the Windy City got some 90 Day Fiance  fans’ hopes up for a possible reconciliation. Further, some fans thought that perhaps Fernanda was there to see Jonathan’s family and seek their counsel on how best to reconcile. It’s safe to say that those reconciliation hopes are dead in the water – for now, and possibly forever.

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