’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda Flores Rages at Jonathan’s New Girl – Is She Jealous?

90 Day Fiance‘s Fernanda Flores had something to say about Jonathan Rivera‘s new woman Janelle Miller. The realtor signed the divorce papers and carried on with someone new. But, based on Fernanda’s latest response, she tells a different story. And, it looks like she isn’t done yet. Some 90 Day Fiance watchers believe she is bitter and needs to move on with her life. What did she have to say about her former lover’s new woman?

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores Rails Against Jonathan Rivera’s New Love

A 90 Day Fiance fan asked Fernanda Flores what she thought about Jonathan Rivera’s new relationship. It turns out the Mexican beauty had a lot to say. She refers to Jonathan Rivera as a “married man” in her video response. In addition, she said she was surprised with how a woman could be with a married man. She also said Jonathan Rivera signing the divorce papers is a lie.

According to Fernanda Flores, Jonathan Rivera filed for divorce. But, the 90 Day Fiance Mexican beauty claims she only got the papers “last week”. In addition, she went in further on Jonathan Rivera’s new girlfriend Janelle Miller over what she sees as her lack of respect for herself as a woman. Fernanda insinuates that getting together with Jonathan as quickly as she did is somehow a tacky move.


90 Day Fiance: Is Fernanda Flores Bitter and Lashing Out?

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers see Fernanda Flores lashing out as proof that she’s still not over her former flame. She goes out of her way to throw Jonathan Rivera’s new lady friend under the bus. In addition, she threw shade at her while at the same time attempting to elevate herself. Fernanda claims there are other types of people that take the time to “heal” instead of jumping so quickly into new relationships.

Fernanda Flores considers herself to be the latter. At the end of the clip, she says that’s the type of person she is. Certainly, it looks like the 90 Day Fiance cast member still isn’ happy with the fact that Jonathan Rivera is with someone else. Added to this, there doesn’t appear to be a new man in Fernanda Flores’ life. Perhaps she is bitter Jonathan Rivera moved on with someone else so quickly while she hasn’t found a replacement.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera - Janelle Miller - Instagram

Is Fernanda Not Over Jonathan Yet?

Over the course of the last few months, Fernanda Flores said her former lover was dead to her. Meanwhile, it seems she is focusing on establishing a modeling career since things ended with Jonathan and her 90 Day Fiance stint is over. Back in June she posted a scathing video on YouTube going in on her former flame. This recent response video is considerably shorter. But, it seems there are still some nagging issues since their split.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Rivera seems to be living his best life with the new woman on his arm. He often updates Instagram with pictures of their travels and the new couple seem genuinely happy together. Whatever the legal status of their divorce is, Jonathan definitely seems to have Fernanda in his rear view.

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