’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda – Sexual Abuse Victim or Just Naively Choosing Insta Quotes?

90 Day Fiance Fernanda Flores took to Instagram and made a post that implied she had suffered “intense damage”. At a casual glance, most followers thought it was just another jab at Jonathan Rivera. However, could the words she used have a deeper meaning?

The phrase was not Fernanda’s own. She was quoting a line of poetry by Nikita Gill. It is one often used by victims of sexual assault. Gill has written poems like Why I Don’t Write About Sex which has an alternate title Sex After Sexual Abuse.

Nikita Gill is an outspoken advocate for sexual assault victims on social media. She advises victims of abuse to “steer clear” of her last book until they are “far enough along on [their] healing journey” because of its subject matter.

Did Fernanda Know What the Quote Implied?

The quote 90 Day Fiance Fernanda used (shown in her Instagram below) is famous and on many websites that offer help to sufferers of sexual abuse. If Fernanda Flores was (or is) a victim of sexual abuse, her speaking out is brave. But some 90 Day Fiance watchers think that if she is not an abuse survivor, that she should not be using the quote.

When a firestorm erupted on Instagram, Fernanda quickly turned off comments for her post. At this point, Jonathan’s soon-to-be-ex-wife left fans more confused than anything else. Is there something more to the quote she chose, or was she just naive and didn’t understand the true meaning of the words and their implication?

What Was Fernanda’s Instagram Quote?

Fernanda Flores has been posting a lot of model-looking pictures since her split from Jonathan. In fact, her 90 Day Fiance ex said that she’s been trying to kick-start a modeling career and that’s why she left him.

Below is one with the Nikita Gill quote. It’s interesting to note that Fernanda Flores doesn’t give credit to the author of the poem or indicate in any way that it is someone’s words other than her own.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda - Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Moved On

On the other side of this 90 Day Fiance coin, it seems Jonathan Rivera has completely moved on from his time with Fernanda. Their age difference was a hot topic from the very beginning of their relationship. Jonathan blocked her on Instagram a few weeks back. He also deleted pictures of them as a couple from his profile.

Along with deleting all traces of Fernanda Flores from his Insta profile, it seems Jonathan Rivera is using the time since their split to focus on himself and his other endeavors. He recently participated in a charity basketball event in Orlando, Florida to benefit The Chris Johnson Foundation. In addition, his feed is full of inspirational quotes and heavily-groomed selfies.


Is Fernanda Still Not Over Jonathan?

It seems like 90 Day Fiance hubby Jonathan Rivera has moved on more quickly than Fernanda Flores. Her recent Instagram posts suggest that she might still be bitter over how things ended between them.

Perhaps she’s not over her former spouse despite what her numerous selfies may attempt to convey. Fernanda Flores tried to win Jonathan Rivera back not long after they initially split – to no avail.

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